Visual Arts News Digest, Compiled by the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, March 15, 2016

Margolese Prize Winner Cornelia Oberlander on Landscapes, Cities and Healing Souls Whether they know it or not, almost every Vancouverite — along with many others around the world — has experienced the work of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. In collaboration with Arthur Erickson, Louis Kahn, Dan Riley, Sharp & Diamond, Hank White, KPMB and many other prominent architects and designers, the German-born, Harvard-trained, Vancouver-based Oberlander is responsible for the landscape architecture of Robson Square/Provincial Court, the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, the Chancery in Washington, D.C., the tree-filled atrium of architect Renzo Piano’s New York Times building, and much more. The, March 14, 2016

From corsets to glass eyes, Vancouver exhibit to showcase oddball collections Why do people collect stuff? Like corsets. And glass eyeballs. And pinball machines. It’s a question the Museum of Vancouver plans to address when it puts those items, and many more oddities, on display this summer. The museum invited Vancouverites to submit their treasured piles of paraphernalia for consideration as it planned a show that would probe the collecting impulse. Canadian Press, March 12, 2016

Meet the artist: Ron Simmer  He’s one of the featured artist in Luminescence, a Burnaby Arts Council exhibition opening March 19. Simmer is creating his “infinity room” experience using mirrors, LED strip lighting and 10 microcomputers to provide the LED effect. The mirrors came from a Vancouver Art Gallery disposal program, allowing him to incorporate recycled materials into his piece. Burnaby Now, March 11, 2016

Close to 1,000 people attend Audain Art Museum on its opening weekend The response from the public on the opening weekend of the Audain Art Museum in Whistler was “phenomenal,” according to its executive director. Suzanne Greening said people were lined up at the front door before the museum opened to the public at 10 am Saturday.“We had people vying to be the first through the door and the first into the gallery spaces,” Greening said. Vancouver Sun Blog, March 14, 2015

A storied collection Philanthropist Michael Audain’s Audain Art Museum is set to open this weekend in Whistler. But don’t mistake the eponymous museum as a vanity project. The museum offers a fine overview of B.C.’s art of the past 200 years – and, as an extension, the story of B.C. itself. The Globe and Mail, March 11, 2016

New frames for Emily Carrs, $25 million endowment, 200 years of art: The new Audain Art Museum Here are some questions and answers about the new Audain Art Museum which opens Saturday, March 12. Vancouver Sun Blog, March 11, 2016

Alberta Cree sculptor, whose art was gifted to Obama, sees massive sale increase One day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented a Cree artist’s sculpture to U.S. President Barack Obama, Edmonton’s Bearclaw Gallery is buzzing. On Friday, kneeling at the foot of a display featuring five of his soapstone sculptures, is none other than the artist himself — Leo Arcand, a sculptor from Alexander First Nation., March 12, 2016

Desjardins offre 500 000 $ au Musée des beaux-arts du Québec En guise de reconnaissance, un nouvel espace de rencontre situé au cœur du nouveau pavillon Pierre Lassonde portera le nom de Salon Desjardins. Rappelons que le nouveau bâtiment muséal, qui sera inauguré en juin, met en valeur l’art et les artistes du Québec. Avec cette nouvelle contribution, l’objectif financier de la campagne de financement du nouveau bâtiment est réalisé à 95 %, indique Annie Talbot. Le coût du nouveau pavillon est évalué à 103,4 millions de dollars., March 11, 2016


The heart of Islam on view in Washington, DC A new exhibition focusing on Saudi Arabia, the geographic heart of Islam, is due to open this week in Washington, DC. Symbolic Cities: The Work of Ahmed Mater at the Smithsonian Institute’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (19 March-18 September) focuses on the Jeddah-based artist’s landscape photography, which documents the rapid transformation of the ultra-conservative Middle Eastern state. The exhibition could not be timelier, with immigration, and how Muslims are treated and perceived, dominating the agenda in the US Presidential election campaign. Artnews, March 15, 2016

Bharti Kher’s tryst with Bindi and Sari at her Solo ‘In Her Own Language’ Internationally acclaimed Indian artist Bharti Kher’s first Australian solo exhibition ‘In Her Own Language’ features thousands of bindis (the forehead decoration worn by women throughout South East Asia) as textured wall panels that could be microscopic views of cells in a petri dish or Hubble-like glimpses into an imploding star. ‘In Her Own Language’ – curated by Margaret Moore and presented for the Perth International Arts Festival, reveals elegant and diverse work that offers a window into Bharti’s richly textured practice., March 13, 2016

Rashid Rana Named Artistic Director of Lahore Biennale In November of 2017, the Lahore Biennale will open in Pakistan, “the largest contemporary art event” in that country’s history, according to a release. The Lahore Biennale Foundation announced today that Pakistani artist Rashid Rana will serve as artistic director. Rana, in a statement, said he plans “a biennale that occupies an alternative space, between academia and contemporary art emerging from the region,” which will include a number of public art projects spread out around Lahore. Artnews, March 15, 2016

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