Visual Arts News Digest, Compiled by the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, February 11, 2016


MashUp charts modern culture’s mad mixing. There’s a provocative aspect to the Vancouver Art Gallery’s big, big, big new exhibition, MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture. It’s the most ambitious show ever produced by the VAG, entirely filling its four floors and featuring 371 works by 156 artists. The provocation comes in the form of questions such as, What does a 1912 Pablo Picasso collage have in common with a 2003 Quentin Tarantino film? And how does a Joseph Cornell box from the 1940s relate to DJ Spooky’s latest digitally compiled music? Georgia Straight, February 10, 2016

Barbara Kruger transforms Vancouver Art Gallery’s rotunda for bold MashUp show.  Barbara Kruger is consulting with preparators in the rotunda of the Vancouver Art Gallery, midway through the installation of her immersive text work Untitled (Smash-up). Covering the walls and floors of the building’s grand circular staircase in bold black-and-white capital letters and gigantic emojis, it is the dramatic centrepiece of the VAG’s blockbuster exhibition MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture. Georgia Straight, February 10, 2016

Art This Week: Patrick Staff, Monique Levesque, and Janna Watson. Opening this week: Patrick Staff: The Foundation at Contemporary Art Gallery, Monique Levesque: Why Am I Afraid To Love? At Unit/Pitt, and Janna Watson: There is no dimmer at Bau-Xi Gallery. Vancouver Sun, February 9, 2016


The Mid-Life Creator & The Blur in BetweenThe Blur in Between provokes an ongoing and essential discussion amongst contemporary artists and audiences—particularly, perhaps, for those of us in mid-life who find ourselves, to quote Eric Burdon of the Animals, with “one foot on the platform, the other foot on the train.” Canadian Art, February 9, 2016


Saskatoon’s Remai Modern art gallery construction to be completed in 2016. Construction of the building is estimated to be completed by the fall of 2016, according to a report provided to the city’s standing policy committee on environment, utilities and corporate services.  The riverbank project is currently sitting at a cost of about $2.5 to $4.5 million over the approved budget of $84.6 million. There is approximately $10 million remaining in construction costs.  CBC News, February 10, 2016


New Film Is Next-Gen, Next-Level John Waters.  Amy Lam and Jon McCurley, also known as performance-art duo Life of a Craphead, didn’t ask permission when they organized live shows on flatbed trucks, train tracks and swimming pools for their performance-art and comedy series No Face No Problem with Laura McCoy, and they took a similar shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach to filming in and around Toronto’s parking lots, public-art installations and transit vehicles while making their debut film, Bugs.  Canadian Art, February 10, 2016

Drake-Parody Instagram Feed to Become Public Art in the 6ix. This year, Contact Photography Festival’s public installations include a project based on the @UofTDrizzy Instagram feed. Followed by Drake himself, as well as some 15,000 others, @UofTDrizzy is known for its humorous, Photoshopped visions of Drake living the student life on the University of Toronto at Scarborough campus.  Canadian Art, February 10, 2016

Los Angeles

California Dealer Gerard O’Brien on His New Art Gallery.  Our intrepid West Coast editor sits down with decorative arts dealer (and nascent fine art maven) Gerard O’Brien at Reform gallery in Los Angeles to discuss the perils and possibilities of bridging the great divide between sofas and sculpturesArchitectural Digest, February 8, 2016


The Art Institute of Chicago Recreates Van Gogh’s Famous Bedroom to be Rented on Airbnb.  Moving the art viewing experience from a linear surface to a three-dimensional environment, the Art Institute of Chicago is launching an interactive experience alongside their latest exhibition—entry to a full-size replica of Van Gogh’s painting The Bedroom. The room, available on AirBnB starting today, includes all the details of the original painting, arranged in haphazard alignment to imitate the original room.  This Is Colossal, February 9, 2016

New York

It’s Over: Knoedler Settles With the De Soles, Concluding Three-Week Case Over $8.3 M. Fake Rothko. Domenico and Eleanore De Sole have settled with the remaining defendants in their case regarding their purchase of a fake Mark Rothko painting from New York’s Knoedler Gallery for $8.3 million in 2004. Art News, February 10, 2016

Artist Odili Donald Odita Emphasizes Human Discrepancies Through Color and Lines at Jack Shainman. Odita’s most recent exhibition at Jack Shainman Gallery, The Velocity of Change continued his quest to explore humanity through patterns, structure, and design.  Forbes, February 10, 2016


Piero Manzoni and me: Gavin Turk on the artist who got away with merda. Piero Manzoni was a player, we can tell. But he always took his art seriously; I think he thought he could change the world with it. I imagine how much he must have laughed when he had his ideas.  The Guardian, February 10, 2016





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