Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, January 7, 2016


The Scout List: Discussion with a Haida artist, Equinox shows and vinegar class.  Robert Davidson will be hanging out at the Vancouver Art Gallery this Saturday, local artist Kevin Lanthier is showing photo montages of iconic Vancouver houses and buildings in his new exhibition The Special at Hot Wet Art City and Equinox has two shows opening:  Seeing Things by local artist Erin McSavaney and Water’s Edge, a collection of photographs by local legend Fred Herzog.  Globe & Mail, January 6, 2015

Western Front Society set to purchase its historic space.  The Western Front Society will soon have ownership of its space, ending any uncertainty about the organization’s future.  Through an agreement with the City of Vancouver, the Western Front Society will receive funds from a community-amenity contribution (CAC) from the developers of the RIZE—The Independent at Main tower, which is currently under construction at Main and Broadway.  Georgia Straight, January 6, 2016

Vancouver gallery plans to send artists across Pacific Ocean in cargo ship.  Vancouver’s Access Gallery has once again put a call for submissions for emerging artists interested in spending 23 days at sea.  Christopher Boyne was one of three artists who made the voyage last year. The Montreal photographer recalls feeling anxious and nervous prior to stepping onto the vessel.  They went 19 days without seeing land.  Metro News, January 5, 2016

Valérie Blass Pushes Figuration at Catriona Jeffries Gallery.  Montreal-based artist Valérie Blass’s inaugural exhibition at Catriona Jeffries Gallery in Vancouver works to combine, layer, adjust and fold materiality with figuration.  Canadian Art, January 4, 2016

North Battleford, Sask

Celebrated Saskatchewan Cree artist, Allen Sapp, dies at 87  Saskatchewan artist Allen Sapp, 87, has died.  Sapp was best-known for his paintings depicting indigenous life on Saskatchewan’s Red Pheasant reserve.  CBC As It Happens, December 30, 2015.  See also Remembering Saskatchewan artist Allen Sapp.  Star Phoenix, December 28, 2016


The year that was in Toronto arts  For the better part of the year, the city’s two largest museums — the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario — have been on interim pause, following the exits of their CEOs, Janet Carding from the ROM and Matthew Teitelbaum from the AGO.  Toronto Star, December 30, 2015


Hot Jobs for Art-School Graduates.  Art-school grads are moving on to great careers and making their own jobs, too. Across media and across the country, they’re defining the shape of art in the 21st century.  Canadian Art, January 6, 2016

Louisville, Kentucky

Stay in an art gallery in the US.  Anyone who has stayed in a hotel knows that the art on the walls is almost uniformly terrible.  But what if your hotel contained inspiring, modern pieces of art instead? And what if your hotel wasn’t really a hotel at all: rather, you were staying in an art gallery? The Guardian, January 6, 2016


Is Artist Mark Flood the Secret Robin Hood of the Art World?  Today many young artists think about their career arc more than their artwork. Even recent art school grads co-opt dominant styles, target cool places to show and cozy up to “the right people” with a calculating eye. This was not the case with Mark Flood.  The Observer, January 6, 2016

Los Angeles

An Artist Stands Before Her Fun House Mirror.  2014 graduate of Yale’s photography M.F.A. program, Genevieve Gaignard does work that reclaims everyday items: hair curlers, curling irons, plastic party favors, costume jewelry, towels.   Her recent show, “Us Only,” at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery in the Venice neighborhood, featured a variety of pieces that blurred the lines between highbrow and vernacular, unraveling stereotypes of gender, race and class in the process.   New York Times, January 6, 2016

New York

Controversial artist Richard Prince sued for copyright infringement.  Richard Prince, a New York-based artist whose work often involves appropriating that of others, has been sued for copyright infringement by Donald Graham, a photographer who claims Prince knowingly reproduced his photo Rastafarian Smoking a Joint without seeking permission. The Guardian, January 4, 2016


Saatchi Gallery’s all-female exhibition could start to shift male gaze of the art world Champagne Life – the first exhibition of Saatchi’s gallery’s 30th year – left me with a strange sense of nostalgia. It’s reminiscent of the terrific shows he used to put on at the original Saatchi Gallery in Swiss Cottage, with a bold selection of artists – 14 women – getting plenty of space to show what they’re made of.  The Guardian, January 6, 2016


Louvre and Other Paris Museums See Attendance Drop Linked to Terror Attacks.  The terror attacks here last year depressed attendance at some of the city’s marquee museums, with the number of visitors at the Louvre down by almost 7 percent from the previous year to 8.7 million visits, officials said Tuesday.  New York Times, January 5, 2016


As Venice’s Debts Mount, Mayor Pitches Sale of Art, Other Moves to Keep Finances Afloat. As the city struggles to climb out of €60 million hole, works by Klimt, Chagall could go under auctioneer’s hammer  Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2016


The Secret to All Great Art Forgeries.  At the center of every major forgery scandal of the last century stands someone like Shaun Greenhalgh who not only could produce a very convincing fake, but who also understood how to corrupt the very systems of knowledge the art world uses to determine attributions and authenticity.  New Republic, January 6, 2016


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