Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, August 26, 2015


UBC’s AMS student gallery ready to Hatch. With its movable white walls and track lighting, its front windows overlooking the vaulted atrium of an architectural showpiece, the Hatch Art Gallery looks every bit an upscale urban art showroom. Georgia Straight, August 26, 2015


Art­ist to build bronze trap­line for MacEwan’s new arts build­ing. This fall, art­ist Bren­da Draney will fill her ATV with paints and can­vas and head to the woods along an un­familiar trap­line. She’s about to spend two years study­ing a trap­line in north­ern Alberta near her home­town of Slave Lake. After two years fol­low­ing a trap­per, she’ll pro­duce a perma­nent art ex­hib­it — worth up to $320,000 — for MacEwan University, her alma mater. Edmonton Journal, August 26, 2015


Saskatoon artist pays tribute to 20 years of public art. The City of Saskatoon’s latest public art project aims to pay tribute to the 20-year history of the city’s temporary public art program. Saskatoon artist Jinzhe Cui’s project is designed to illustrate the 66 previous projects in the city’s Placemaker temporary public art program. Star Phoenix, August 24, 2015


Artist claims city-funded sculpture rips off his work. American artist Jim Sanborn calls a newly installed bronze sculpture at Exhibition Place “quite stunning” in its similarity to his work. “It’s something I’ve done for 23 years, and so it’s a little hard to stomach seeing that kind of plagiarism.” Toronto Star, August 24, 2015

Rhodes leaving as editor of Canadian Art magazine. Richard Rhodes is leaving as the editor of Canadian Art magazine, a position he has held since the spring of 1996. Rhodes’s departure was announced last Friday by the Canadian Art Foundation, the Toronto-based non-profit organization that publishes the four issues of the glossy magazine released each year. Rhodes, 63, is staying on at the quarterly until the end of this year and will carry on an association with it thereafter as editor emeritus. Globe & Mail, August 24, 2015


Nuit Blanche is changing to grow. There’ll be at least three significant changes to Nuit Blanche this year that should help to reassure people who, like me, were worried after last year’s overnight festival of art. Ottawa Citizen, August 24, 2015


Chefs put pen to paper to sketch out a new dish, mapping out flavour and visual appeal. For many chefs, sketching out dishes before they even enter the kitchen is a regular ritual to help find balance in their food from both a taste and visual aspect. It’s the unseen part of the creative process where the flavour and visual backbone of a dish are mapped out and catalogued. Globe & Mail, August 25, 2014

Los Angeles

Play on Words: “Stopping the Sun in its Course” Review. At Various Small Fires, a group exhibition brought together installation, painting, sound art and moving sculpture by Andrea Fraser, Mary Kelly, Jacob Kassay, Antoine Catala, and many others, that meditated on issues as diverse as mass-produced furniture, Internet security, redacted legal documents, the legacies of Minimalism, graffiti and human hair… Canadian Art, August 24, 2015

Museum Piggybacks on the Broad’s Opening With Free Membership Offer With the Broad opening across the street, the Museum of Contemporary Art makes a bid to compete. New York Times, August 25, 2015

New York

The Met embraces the experimental for move into Breuer building The museum launches its residency in the Whitney’s former home with a series of TED talks and performances. The Art Newspaper, August 26, 2015

Met’s Breuer Annex Will Be Renovated Ahead of March Opening, Will Include a ‘Book Bar’ Today the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York detailed its plans for the Met Breuer, the museum’s annex for modern and contemporary art, which is set to open in March 2016 at the Whitney Museum of American Art’s former, Marcel Breuer–designed headquarters. ARtnews, August 25, 2015

New Orleans

A picture says a thousand words Ten years after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, we asked artists and curators to describe what they see as the defining image of the storm and its aftermath. The Art Newspaper, August 26, 2015


Miami Drags Its Feet On Wealthy Collector’s Self-Funded Museum – Until Getting Publicly Shamed The museum proposed by hedge fund tycoon Steven Berkowitz – which would house sculptor Richard Serra’s enormous Passage of Time and James Turrell’s light installation Aten Reign – was stalled by local government. Then The Miami Herald wrote, “It’s baffling when an opportunity arises for taxpayers to benefit from the generosity of a wealthy investor and art patron – and the city of Miami acts like it doesn’t care.” The Art Newspaper, August 21, 2015


Turner prize nominee hands out housewarming sculptures to west London estate residents Nathan Coley’s apple tree works draw on the turbulent history of the former Frestonia community. The Art Newspaper, August 26, 2015


Getting A Ticket To Banksy’s Dismaland Theme Park Is A Nightmare (That’s Gotta Be What He Wanted) The website crashed from all the traffic, and people have to stand in line queue for hours at the gate. BBC, August 19, 2015


Chinese billionaire to build 17 shopping centres, and fill them with art Adrian Cheng’s “museum-retail art malls” to open across China. The Art Newspaper, August 26, 2015


Young Girl Accidentally Breaks 2,000-Year-Old Vase at Israel Museum Kids need to be more careful in museums! Today footage surfaced of a young boy slipping and putting his hand through a 350-year-old painting in Taipei. Now Haaretz has reported that a “young girl” accidentally knocked over a 2,000-year-old vase at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. ARTnews, August 26, 2015


Seven art blunders to rival Taiwanese boy who punched hole in £1m painting He is not the first person to make a costly and embarrassing mistake at an art exhibition. The Telegraph, August 26, 2015

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