Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library August 25, 2015


The Apartment: Vancouver’s Changing Scene Michael Turner recounts the history of the Apartment, an influential Vancouver gallery that helped to launch an eastward shift in the city’s art scene. Canadian Art, August 25, 2015


Robert Amos: In defence of the self-portrait There is a community of artists in Victoria who aren’t seen in commercial galleries, are not employed by the University of Victoria and yet have been creative workers of considerable skill in our city for many years. Martin Batchelor’s eponymous gallery is a place to which many of them gravitate, for, unlike other galleries, his space can simply be rented by the exhibitors. Yet each year, Batchelor likes to do a bit of community outreach, to invite artists through an open call to exhibit in a themed show. This year the theme is “Selfies,” and the triple-hung show offers self-portraits by almost 100 artists. Times Colonist, august 22, 2015


Artist Natalie Lauchlan explores performance rituals Welcome to the artist zoo. That’s not what they call the Ledge Gallery, in Arts Commons, but they might as well, situated as it is, off the Plus-15 leading to the City Hall parking garage. Everyone heading into Arts Commons — for one of the dozens of concerts or performances that are hosted there — must pass the Ledge, which, it turns out, suits Natalie Lauchlan, the arts incubator’s summer artist-in-residence just fine — even if it is a bit weird. Calgary Herald, August 24, 2015


Former MOCCA location in Toronto to be demolished to … After more than a decade on Queen West, the MOCCA is no more. The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art held its final exhibition at its Queen and Shaw Street location Sunday. The gallery, which focuses on innovative and emerging Canadian artists, will be moving to a new space in the Junction. Toronto Metro, August 24, 2015

Jon Rafman: Sobey Finalist Slideshow Sobey Art Award finalist Jon Rafman’s work probes the perverse and darkly hilarious corners of the Internet. Canadian Art, August 24, 2015

Art Toronto 2015 envisions cultural exchange with focus on Latin America Modern and contemporary art lovers have a lot to look forward to at Art Toronto 2015, as the organization on Tuesday announced a new director, a “brand refresh” and curatorial focus on Latin America for this year’s fair. The Focus Latin America project will showcase work curated by international art powerhouse Abaseh Mirvali, who has come on board to execute the vision of the cultural exchange. Globe and Mail, August 25, 2015


Comics: Retrospective goes behind the funny pages Just how far the strip is removed from Johnston’s particulars is one of the themes running through For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston, by Johnston and Katherine Hadway. The lavishly illustrated volume is, officially, the companion to an exhaustive retrospective of Johnston’s career currently running at the Art Gallery of Sudbury in Ontario, but it also serves as something of an unofficial memoir. Through lengthy interview passages, couched within Hadway’s enthusiastic (if somewhat flat) narrative, Johnston recounts the events of her own life, both in isolation and in play with the events of the comic strip.


A very big bang of Ottawa art, at SAW Gallery The exhibition Big Bang, at SAW Gallery, is a showcase of art being made in Ottawa, but another big bang is an unexpectedly thrilling part of the show. Ottawa Citizen, August 21, 2015

Los Angeles

How Edye Broad Got Eli Interested In Art – And Changed Los Angeles “Their collaboration, notably in the early years, was marked by Edye’s eclectic inclinations and Eli’s desire to shape one of the world’s leading collections of contemporary art. He could appear passionate, if brusque, sweeping into a gallery, making assessments and departing. Edye was a slower touch, lingering, studying the work, chatting with the artist. She is, as those who know them say, the antidote to his sting.” Los Angeles Times, Augusts 23, 2015

Mark Bradford: Scorched Earth” is currently on view at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The show features new paintings, a multimedia installation as well as a major work in the lobby which features a map of HIV diagnoses in the United States as of 2009. The show will be on view until September 27. ARTnews, August 24, 2015


Woman Discovers She Bought Back Picasso Vase Stolen From Her Two Years Ago When Patricia Specter saw the serial number, “Naturally I let out a huge scream of delight – and immediately called police.” South Florida Sun Sentinel, August 19, 2015

New York

Tan Boon Hui Named Director of Asia Society Museum Asia Society announced that Tan Boon Hui has been appointed as vice president of global arts and cultural programs and director of the Asia Society Museum in New York. ARTnews, August 25, 2015


Guarding Machu Picchu, With Drones “Peru’s drone archaeology team has quickly become one of the most active in the world, working to accurately survey and preserve the South American nation’s thousands of valuable archaeological sites.” Slate, August 24, 2015

United Kingdom

What UK Artists Have Lost Under The Tories Artist Bob and Roberta Smith: “I want us to re-engage with that postwar consensus that we need to expand creativity and who gets involved in it. The Tories think that silly notion is history now. Politicians don’t seem to even understand the basic importance of something like design and how it underpins production. It’s crazy, and, to be honest, Labour is not much better.” The Observer, August 23, 2015


William Kentridge plans epic frieze for River Tiber South African artist will incorporate pollution in 550m-long work. The Art Newspaper, August 25, 2015


12-Year-Old Trips, Punches Hole In $1.5 Million 17th-Century Painting “Footage released by the organisers of ‘The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius’ exhibition in Taipei shows the boy in shorts, trainers, a blue Puma T-shirt and holding a drink walk pass the still life, catching his foot and stumbling over. He looks up at the Paolo Porpora oil on canvas painting of flowers, shown later to have a fist-sized gash at the bottom, and freezes, looking around at other people in the room.” (includes video) The Guardian, August 25, 2015

Book Reviews

The war-hungry women written out of photographic history Lee Miller was famous for her shots of the second world war, but there were many other women in the line of fire whose photographs have faded into obscurity: meet Gerda Taro, Catherine Leroy and Françoise Demulder. The Guardian, August 22, 2015

Book Review: ‘The Butterflies of North America; Titian Peale’s Lost Manuscript’ With “The Butterflies of North America; Titian Peale’s Lost Manuscript,” today’s readers can appreciate both the insects and the striking images. New York Times, August 25, 2015

Cheryl Siegel


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