Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, August 20, 2015


Brian Howell: Burnt Forests compels both the eye and mind. “A Brian Howell exhibition is guaranteed to compel the eye and the mind. With a background in photojournalism and editorial photography, this award-winning artist has created a number of independent projects, focusing his medium-format camera on celebrity impersonators, minor-league wrestlers, and the debris-laden carts of binners. He has also created a series of highly detailed colour photos of the unpopulated interiors of newspaper printing plants—a tribute to the endangered business of print journalism.” Georgia Straight, August 17, 2015

Creative Publics art project aims to inspire young voters in Vancouver. Electoral politics in Canada “doesn’t speak” to many millennials, according to Simon Fraser University student Tara Mahoney. That’s why Mahoney, who lives in Vancouver, is putting together Creative Publics, an art project that aims to engage young people and encourage them to vote in the October 19 federal election. Georgia Straight, August 19, 2015


Artists claim Dundas West restaurant copied their art. A few weeks ago, Kelly Mark was online, searching for some photos of a neon artwork she had made for a client, a shop in Seattle. She wasn’t happy with the images she had and hoped social media, with its appetite for ubiquitous documentation, might provide better. Toronto Star, August 20, 2015


War and history museums still seeking specialized curators. The impending departure of Victoria Henry from the Art Bank means there are now three important art-related jobs to be filled in Ottawa at federal cultural institutions. The others: A replacement for Laura Brandon, curator of war art at the Canadian War Museum, and a new job as aboriginal curator at the Canadian Museum of History that combines the posts formerly held by Lee-Ann Martin, curator of contemporary aboriginal art, and Norman Vorano, curator of Inuit art. Ottawa Citizen, August 18, 2015


Cal Lane’s Missing Art Found on Secondary Market. When Cal Lane’s “Veiled Hoods and Stains” exhibition opened at Montreal’s Art Mûr in September 2014, three of the works intended for display were quietly left out of the final selection. According to the gallery’s co-director Rhéal Olivier Lanthier, the gallery was forced to make this decision when one of three packages failed to arrive in a UPS shipment from the Canadian artist’s New York studio. A subsequent investigation determined that the package had been lost after clearing the border. A year later, one of the three canvases contained in the missing package resurfaced on the secondary market and, with it, a trail of suspicious transactions and renewed investigations. Canadian Art, August 18, 2015

Metamorphoses exhibition reveals new side of Rodin. If the Rodin piece illustrates God being created while creating life, it’s an ideal introduction to the 300 sculptures and drawings that make up Metamorphoses: In Rodin’s Studio. This is an ambitious (and remarkably popular) exhibition that the Montreal Museum has put together with the Rodin Museum in Paris. National Post, August 17, 2015

My House & My Art is double-bill event showcasing artist’s paintings and unique home. Since 1967, a two-storey white frame summer cottage in Beaconsfield has been both muse and art to Bernie Kelly Goulem. My House & My Art will be the double-bill event showcasing both. Montreal Gazette, August 19, 2015


News in Brief: Lost Artwork up for Auction, the Apartment Closes, MMFA’s Rodin Blockbuster. Our editors’ weekly roundup of Canadian art news. Canadian Art, August 14, 2015

If These Walls Could Talk. “All Canadians need to look for what cannot be seen in these pictures alone. People’s lives were touched, scorched by these places.” Photo essay by Lana Šlezić The Walrus, September 2015

Los Angeles

FBI Reveals Reality Show Connections To Theft Of Wyeth Paintings Details of the investigation into the 2013 theft of six works by New England artist N. C. Wyeth (father of the more-famous Andrew Wyeth), two of which have still not been recovered, were released at a press conference in Los Angeles. ARTnews, August 20, 2015


Artist Lets Tiger Loose In Detroit’s Old Packard Plant “British photographer David Yarrow booked a two-day photo shoot at [the famously ruined venue]. Only problem was, he apparently didn’t tell anyone at the plant that he was bringing a tiger, two wolves and a bobcat with him. … The animals, trainers and photographers were given the boot about an hour later. But not before the tiger got loose and holed itself up on a fourth-story staircase.” (includes video) Detroit Free Press, August 17, 2015

New Orleans

Ten Years After Katrina, New Orleans Museums Reckon With Recovery Three art exhibitions in New Orleans recall the catastrophe, and assess the city’s present. New York Times, August 19, 2015

New York

What I Learned From a Disgraced Art Show on Harlem An art critic remembers “Harlem on My Mind,” a 1969 show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art widely viewed within black cultural circles as an insult. New York Times, August 19, 2015


Banksy’s Latest: ‘Dismaland’ Theme Park Banksy has created an “alternative to the sugar-coated tedium of the average family day out” in a town on England’s west coast. New York Times, August 20, 2015


Whatever Happened To Marion True? Within months, she would lose her job, her career and leave the country. Once a curator so coveted she turned down a plum offer from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, True vanished so completely that one former boss, Barry Munitz, admitted in an interview this summer that he had no idea “where she is or what she’s doing.” Washington Post, August 19, 2015

Daniel Buren threatens to sue French city over disrepair of public work Lyon insists a restoration of the artist’s 1994 intervention in the main square is on the agenda. The Art Newspaper, August 20, 2015


Delays are water under the bridge as Olafur Eliasson unveils new project in Copenhagen Ship-themed pedestrian crossing finally complete two years after originally planned. The Art Newspaper, August 20, 2015

St. Petersburg

Sculptures By ‘Soviet Henry Moore’ Smashed By Orthodox Zealots For Being ‘Blasphemous’ “The exhibition, called ‘Sculptures that We Don’t See,’ showed works by Soviet sculptors that did not see the light of day during the Soviet period because they were non-conformist. The show … included some works with religious themes including a crucifixion bas-relief” by Vadim Sidur which was a target of the vandals. Yahoo, August 14, 2015


Palestinian Museum draws diaspora together 20 August 2015 Collection, which launches on Nakba Day, focuses on personal memories. The Art Newspaper, August 20, 2015


ISIS Beheads 82-Year-Old Scholar Who Refused To Lead Them To Antiquities “Islamic State militants beheaded a renowned antiquities scholar in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and hung his mutilated body on a column in a main square of the historic site because he apparently refused to reveal where valuable artefacts had been moved for safekeeping.” The Guardian, August 18, 2015


National Gallery of Australia Removes $11 M. Collection Acquired From Dealer Subhash Kapoor The Australian reported that the National Gallery of Australia has taken down a collection of 13 deity sculptures purchased from Indian-born art dealer Subhash Kapoor estimated to be worth $11 million. ARTnews, August 20, 2015


The Franchising of Architecture As leading architects race to put their visual signatures on every nook and cranny of the world, one critic wonders whether globalization is really such a good thing. New York Times, August 19, 2015

Three Things That Are Not Art, According To John Baldessari For the second installment of Vogue’s Gallery, a monthly online series of artworks, its curator, Vogue contributing editor Dodie Kazanjian, was inspired by John Baldessari’s double-page response to Michael Kors’ fall collection in the magazine’s September issue. ARTnews, August 20, 2015

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