Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library April 29, 2014


Herzog & de Meuron Selected to Design Vancouver Art Gallery’s New Museum Building Vancouver Art Gallery Press Release, April 29, 2014

How B.C. craft brewers are using artistic labels to make street-cred connections with consumers “What makes it art is a way of looking at it,” said Vancouver Art Gallery senior curator Bruce Grenville when asked about the status of today’s splashy B.C. craft-beer labels. “Visual culture is all around us. So, partially, it is how you look at it and why you would stop and look at it and why you would pull that out of all the hundreds of images you see in a day.” The Province, April 29, 2014

Placemaking comes to Vancouver Urban designer Mark Lakeman has seen the power of community placemaking, or the reclamation of public space as social gathering points, as a powerful antidote to this phenomenon. Today, he is in Vancouver to spread the gospel of placemaking and dish out a few helpful tips on how it is done. Vancouver Sun, April 29, 2014

Air Canada Rouge brings Fluevog flavour to YVR When Air Canada sought footwear for the crews of its discount carrier Rouge, the airline went first-class — not coach — and turned to John Fluevog, the Vancouver-based high-end shoe designer. Vancouver Sun, April 29, 2014


The Reach in Abbotsford names new Director The Board of Directors of The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford is pleased to announce the appointment of Sheila Perry as its new Executive Director. Ms Perry, who will begin her position in mid-June takes over from previous Executive Director Suzanne Greening who has left to be the Executive Director of the new Audain Gallery currently under construction in Whistler. Galleries West, April 28, 2014


Toymaker Mattel fighting Canadian ‘Squirrealism’ painter Carollyne Yardley over trademark to her own name I am a Canadian artist who is being forced to contend with expensive and growing legal fees because a large U.S. toy manufacturer wants to cancel my Canadian trade-mark registration for my CAROLLYNE trade-mark,” reads a Monday blog post by Carollyne Yardley, the Victoria-based inventor of “Squirrealism,” a brand of surrealist painting featuring animals — chiefly squirrels — instead of humans. National Post, April 29, 2014


IN MY OPINION: Many of our public art treasures – and the histories they reveal – are shelved, locked away, abandoned Where does one go now in Western Canada to see a work by the West Coast’s most influential post-Second World War artist, Lawren Harris? I was heartened to see a couple of other exhibitions on the forthcoming VAG schedule that explore its rich collection. That’s highly commendable. Yet, to me, it’s not nearly enough, and, frankly, I don’t understand it. I suppose I am lamenting that many of my most beloved institutions have changed and left my interests behind. Don’t new generations of art admirers deserve an opportunity to see this important history? Or, perhaps, it’s just me? by Jeffrey Spalding, artistic director and chief curator of Contemporary Calgary, is an artist, a curator and a member of the Order of Canada. He has worked as a museum director and is past-president of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Galleries West, April 20, 2014


Think art school is easy? Panel will dispel that myth Stereotypes abound when it comes to art-school students. Art school is where creative people go to become pretentious. Art students wear black and hang around looking bored and depressed. And then there’s the notion that art students don’t have to do any real work. Painting and drawing are certainly not as tough as earning an engineering degree, right? On May 2 at the Free Press News Café, University of Manitoba School of Art students Shaylyn Plett and John Patterson, as well as instructors Ufuk Gueray and Erica Mendritzki, will participate in a panel discussion about the rigours of art school. They will discuss famous artists’ student work and will talk about issues surrounding fine arts education. Patrons will also be invited to take a guided tour of Exchange District spaces that feature strong, motivated student art. Winnipeg Free Press, April 29, 2014


Waddington’s pulls child’s blood-stained tunic from auction gallery It was abruptly pulled from the sale after social media began to heat up with complaints about a bloody remnant of violence against a First Nations child being hawked as decorative art. The tunic’s full provenance is unknown, as are the exact circumstances of the shooting. Globe and Mail, April 29, 2014

Picture perfect: A look at the works of three nominees for the Scotiabank Photography Award The three nominees – Vancouver’s Rodney Graham, 65; Montreal’s Mark Ruwedel, 59; Torontonian Donald Weber, 40 – are deserving choices, each of whom would be received sans quibble as the winner when the 2014 announcement is made April 29. (Each runner-up receives $5,000.) Globe and Mail, April 27, 2014


Enthousiasme sous le chapiteau à la foire Papier 14 “Désormais tradition de la fin d’avril, la foire Papier, dans sa septième version et son énième emplacement, a démarré vendredi dans un enthousiasme généralisé. Attendue, la fête marchande ! Le Devoir, April 26, 2014

Los Angeles

Getty’s James Cuno Calls For A Rethink Of Technology In Museums “There’s got to be even more interesting things to do. Mapping techniques, network analysis and visualizations are among the tools he cites that could lead to breakthroughs in art history that are impossible, or very slow going, using traditional study methods.” Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2014


Andy Warhol, New Media Artist A new discovery at Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum has unearthed previously unseen images that the artist created using a Commodore Amiga computer in 1985. Art in America, April 24, 2014

New York

How To Punish A Criminal Art Dealer? Jail Or A School Art Program? Prosecutors want the judge to send Hillel Nahmad to federal prison for 12 to 18 months for his involvement in an international gambling ring. Nahmad’s defense attorneys say he should be sentenced to paying for and running a scheme to bring Bronx schoolchildren to the Met Museum. New York Times, April 29, 2014

Boca Ratan

From Combat to Carpet—The Strange Story of Afgan War Rugs Afghanistan’s women weavers have transformed traditional textiles into amazing and complex icons of war, change, and modernity. ARTnews, April 29, 2014


Artists await call-up as new US Embassy in London arises Site-specific commissions expected for building near the Thames. The Art Newspaper, April 28, 2014


Northampton’s controversial sale of Egyptian sculpture Local authority and Lord Northampton agree to split auction proceeds. Christie’s says this limestone statue of Sekhemka, around 2400BC to 2300BC (est £4m-£6m), is “the most important Egyptian sculpture ever to come to market” The Art Newspaper, April 29, 2014


Louvre’s director makes unblocking pyramid bottleneck a priority Work due to start on Paris museum’s entrance, which was never designed for ten million plus visitors a year. The Art Newspaper, April 29, 2014


Rome’s Colosseum To Get A Big Scrubbing “The $35 million project—the first full cleaning in the Colosseum’s history—aims to return it to its former splendor, while also strengthening the overall structure. Earthquakes, the pillaging of pieces of its outer frame, heavy car traffic and Rome’s nearby subway have damaged key parts.” Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2014


Online market surpassed $1bn for first time in 2013 Survey of around 500 buyers finds that not seeing the physical object is still greatest hurdle. The Art Newspaper, April 28, 2014

CultureTrack: Here’s How Arts Audiences Are Changing “Since 2011, there has been an increase in the percentage of people who visit museums and attend performances of classical music, jazz and musical theater—but there were decreases for plays, classical dance and opera. The individual rate of attendance has dropped since 2011, with about half of respondents continuing to attend cultural activities once or twice a month, but only 15% attending three times or more—down from a previous 22%.” Culture Track, Aprl 28, 2014

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