Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, February 20, 2014


“Making the everyday magical” “On the left side of the photo is Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite’s latest installation outside the Shangri-La Hotel on West Georgia St. 8 Days by Mark Lewis projects one film continuously each night from dusk till dawn. There are 8 films played on consecutive nights and this process will be repeated until March 30. They are slow, short, silent films which draw our attention to a variety of cinematic techniques like long still shots, panning, zooming and tracking. It is like photography slowing coming to life.” The Source, v.14, no.1 (2014)


Dance celebrates button blanket’s journey. Tahltan artist and curator, Peter Morin acted as a project adviser during the creation of the button blanket, which is thought to be the largest of its kind. The project was conceived and led by art history professor Carolyn Butler-Palmer, whose class crafted the six-by-six-metre blanket, in collaboration with Morin and elder button blanket makers. Morin has invited internationally acclaimed Anishnabe artist Rebecca Belmore to join him this weekend for a performance emphasizing the blanket’s life as well as the land’s vulnerability. Times Colonist, February 20, 2014


Funding crunch at Art Gallery of Alberta calls for creativity. Four years after the Art Gallery of Alberta opened in a new $90-million building on Churchill Square, the organization is relying on a special three-year injection of city funds to keep its operations in the black. The gallery cost about $6.3 million to run in 2013, with revenues coming mainly from government grants, fundraising, and operations. The city-backed Edmonton Arts Council will boost the gallery’s budget by roughly $300,000 each year over the next three years while the AGA comes up with a new strategic plan to keep its budget balanced. Edmonton Journal, February 19, 2014


Getting some screen time at the AGO’s Fancy Videogame party If Jim Munroe sounds mildly blasé about what is actually a pioneering position — he is the AGO’s first artist-in-residence to use video games as his medium — it may be because that, for almost anyone who plays games, and certainly everyone who makes them, the question of “are they art?” has long been settled. National Post, February 20, 2014

Mike Nelson’s Mountain-Man Art Bridges UK and Canada. “British artist Mike Nelson’s show “Amnesiac Hide,” at the Power Plant in Toronto until May 19, is the kind of exhibition that serves as a catalytic agent. Drop it into the Canadian context and it produces the fizz of new ideas. Centred on the idea of camping, of being out in nature, the show enacts a connection between the British tradition of manly outdoor pursuits and the Canadian iteration of that calling. The exhibition, which includes two major new works resulting from experiences in BC and Alberta, forms a kind of bridge between Canadian and British cultures, making explicit something that is core to Canadian life.” Canadian Art, February 20, 2014

Michael Landy Q&A: On the Art of Destruction. The idea of wiping the slate clean reaches new levels in the work of UK artist Michael Landy. in his film H2NY, showing this week at Canadian Art’s own Reel Artists Film Festival, Landy provides his own unique take on Jean Tinguely’s infamous Homage to New York—a kinetic sculpture that met its demise via the New York Fire Department. In this interview, conducted in advance of his Toronto talk and screening, Landy reflects on Tinguely’s influence, the phenomenon of artistic failure and how to really get art audiences to cheer. Canadian Art, February 20, 2014

Jane-Finch youth use voices and art to inspire change. At a new art exhibit at York University, the walls do talk — with the voices of eight youth from Jane and Finch, who speak about their personal tragedies as they counter ’hood stereotypes… Their work collectively draws a sharp, fresh perspective on life in their community, where they find strength in spite of trauma and are building a better future in a place they are proud to call home. Toronto Star, February 20, 2014

Ken Nicol’s every3point65 at MKG127 gallery. Ken Niicol’s new show, every3point65 (more on that later) opened this week, and puts on nice display both his bewildering skill and engagingly fatalistic world view. An expert machinist, Nicol for years made his way using his dizzyingly precise fussiness to realize work for people whose ideas were beyond their ability to make it themselves. Since he said goodbye to all that a few years back, Nicol has come into his own, exposing, by careful degrees, the deep rabbit hole of his workaday life that provides endless possibilities for his work. Toronto Star, February 20, 2014

Jon Davies Wins New $10,000 Curating Prize. The Hnatyshyn Foundation and TD Bank Group announced the first-ever recipient of the new Award for Emerging Curator of Contemporary Canadian Art. The winner for 2014 is Jon Davies, who is currently associate curator at Oakville Galleries. Canadian Art, February 20, 2014


Montreal man travels, painting the Olympics. As at every one of the 13 Olympics where he has worked, Marc Ahr is using a network of foreign suppliers in Russia. He purchases a ticket to one major event every day in Sochi. While observing the action, he does a sketch of the main geographic and architectural features of the venue, usually filling in the athletes and other fine details in vibrant watercolours later on in the Games or, sometimes, after he returns to his studio. Star Phoenix, February 20, 2014

New York

10 Amazing Data Visualizations of Creativity and Art History With five New York art spaces showing maps, charts, and diagrams, it’s a great moment for flowchart art. ARTnews, February 20, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Corcoran Gallery of Art Weighs a Three-Way Merger The gallery in Washington, the oldest privately supported art museum in the nation, is considering partnering with the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University. New York Times, February 20, 2014

Kennicott: The End Of The Corcoran Gallery “The National Gallery is hands down the most prestigious and respected steward of fine art in Washington, and its reputation is international. But this is not a swallowing of the Corcoran — this is the end of the Corcoran and its final dismemberment.” Washington Post, February 19, 2014


Smashing Ancient Urns. Why Isn’t Ai Wei Wei Also A Vandal? “I must admit I’m confused. I want to see it as a devastating satire on the modern world’s alienation from the past. Ever since the Chinese Revolution began in the early 20th century, political and economic ruptures have cut off China in particular from its ancient culture. Is Ai Weiwei parodying that? Or is he mocking western art-lovers who think all Chinese art is ancient (as they may have, back in 1995)?” The Guardian, February 20, 2014

Mexico City

A Mexican Showcase for Ambition The Museo Jumex, a new contemporary art museum in Mexico City sponsored by the art patron Eugenio López Alonso, has internationalist ambitions but a style of its own. New York Times, February 20, 2014


The Six British Architects Who Have Changed The Modern City Many of the world’s most striking modern buildings from the past 60 years have been created by a single generation of six British architects – each known for their distinctive high-tech style. BBC, February 19, 2014


Morocco’s anti-Israel lobby objects to Tel Aviv-based artist in biennial Marrakech Biennale’s bridge-building ethos tested by protests over Keren Cytter’s inclusion. The Art Newspaper, February 20, 2014


Great Pyramid of Giza vandalised German researchers allegedly scraped pigment from a pharaoh’s cartouche, in an attempt to prove it is a forgery. The Art Newspaper, February 20, 2014


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