Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library February 7-11, 2014


Antoni Muntadas. Entre/Between The elaborate Entre/Between project, for its last day on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery, rethinks the Spanish artist’s entire career with a live, contemporary formula featuring his key works with the goal of becoming an ulterior linguistic device and a macro-processer of semantic decoding. His works are constructions of methodologies in which videos, performances, photographs, multi-media installations, net art, publishing projects and much more. (click on the British flag for the English version) Artshake February 10, 2014


Glenbow rethink is the latest step in Calgary’s art-scene renaissance 1 You’d think a big city with a booming economy, bottomless ambition and no lack of self-confidence would also boast a major-league art museum. But even as Calgary has grown up and out in recent decades, and even as big players in the city’s visual-art and business communities have tried to crystallize a vision, such an institution has remained elusive. Globe and Mail, February 6, 2014


Show traces Thom’s resolve to create buildings both quirky and humane The B.C.-born architect shaped this space, as he did the campus of Trent University in Peterborough, Ont., with a sure eye and a decisive hand. Before alcohol and illness eroded his career, too early, he produced some of the most beautiful and fully realized architecture ever made in Canada. Globe and Mail, February 8, 2014

Lost in the Wilderness: Misled by Nature at MOCCA At the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art last week, Tricia Middleton was busy angsting over the installation of her pink, blue, imposing and vaguely sinister piece that looks like nothing so much as a hard-candy igloo hatched in the sugar-charged nightmare brought on by consuming far too much of the same. Toronto Star, February 9, 2014

Pharrell Williams playfully pushes boundaries at toy show for grownups the Design Exchange, a.k.a. DX, Canada’s national design museum, has launched its latest show. Provocatively titled This Is Not A Toy, and co-curated by Pharrell Williams – one of the world’s most influential tastemakers in music, fashion and everything, really – the exhibit is a vibrant, often funny, sometimes grotesque, slightly sadistic (one doll is covered in little needles) survey of limited-edition art toys by innovative, small-batch designers. Globe and Mail, February 8, 2014

Mike Nelson takes his outsider art inside the Power Plant Straight-forward, sincere and powerful, the British artist found a way in to the upper echelons of contemporary art. Toronto Star, February 9, 2014


The hunt is now on for Nazi-looted art in Canada No one knows how much art plundered by the Nazis may be in Canadian museums or private collections. Globe and Mail, February 9, 2014

San Francisco

SFMoMA tackles the tricky problem of conserving contemporary art Artists, curators, scientists and experts will be consulted for a long-term project launched today by the museum, The Art Newspaper, February 11, 2014

The iPhone and Its Ilk as Museum Exhibits for Future Generations A new initiative at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art aims to preserve works made in fast-changing mediums like photography and technology design. New York times, February 10, 2014

Los Angeles

What Will The Broad Museum’s Planned Plaza Do For LA’s Public Spaces? The design of the plaza is the most meaningful bit of news here. And that’s not just because Bunker Hill is short on public space that is well-designed and friendly to pedestrians. It’s also because the details of how the plaza will operate — and who will own it — make up a multilayered and in the end rather opaque story.” Los Angeles Times, February 9, 2014

New Haven

’70s Photorealism: Revived and Still Relevant An exhibit on view at Yale University Art Gallery suggests how photorealism, an offshoot of Pop Art, has remained influential, sometimes under different auspices, in recent art. New York Times, February 7, 2014

New York

A Lot in Love (and a Little Out of Control) The photographer Nicholas Nixon explores aging and love with his series, “Bebe and I,” comprising intimate, close-up images of he and his wife of 40 years. New York Times, February 10, 2014

Classic Lensman, Using Full Palette The war photographer Robert Capa, best known for his stark black-and-white images, also worked with color film, as “Capa in Color” at the International Center of Photography shows. New York Times, February 7, 2014


Seeking U.S. Art All Over Map. Just Check GPS. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., is meeting with about 1,000 artists to find 100 to feature in a new show of contemporary art. New York Times, February 9, 2014


A Bellows Painting Moves From Virginia to London The National Gallery in London has purchased its first major American painting, George Bellows’s “Men of the Docks,” for $25.5 million. New York Times, February 6, 2014

Skeleton horse and giant thumb chosen to stand in London’s Trafalgar Square A big thumbs-up and a skeletal horse will soon stand in London’s landmark Trafalgar Square. Star Phoenix, February 9, 2014


German Museum Cancels Balthus Show After Charges Of Pedophilia In December, the German newspaper Die Zeit criticised the planned exhibition at the Essen museum, calling the images “documents of paedophile greed” The Art Newspaper, February 10, 2014


Probe of collector Cornelius Gurlitt uncovers more artworks A reclusive elderly German art collector who kept well over 1,000 works at his apartment in Munich also had around 60 more pieces — including art by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso — at a house in Salzburg, his spokesman said Tuesday. CBC, February 11, 2014


Kiev Biennale postponed as violent protests continue to hit capital Ukraine’s unstable political situation has made preparing for the exhibition “impossible”, organisers say. The Art Newspaper, February 11, 2014

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