Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library. January 14, 2014


Vancouver? New Delhi?: Book examines the next great hubs of art. If, when thinking of a city that pulsates with exciting contemporary art and avant-garde possibility, Paris, New York or London comes immediately to mind – think again. You won’t find any of those art capitals profiled in Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes. Nor will you find contemporary art centres such as Berlin, Glasgow, Stockholm, Shanghai or Los Angeles. In fact, Europe is largely absent from the list (with the exception of the Transylvanian city of Cluj, and Istanbul, which straddles Europe and Asia). And there is only one city in continental North America that makes the cut: Vancouver. Globe & Mail, December 20, 2013

High-profile shortlist announced for Vancouver Art Gallery’s new home The Vancouver Art Gallery has shortlisted five architectural firms as finalists for the design of its new home in downtown Vancouver. Canadian Architect, January 10, 2014


Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre: Fictions and … – Canadian Art At first glance, it seems like Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre have a lot in common. Both are Toronto-based artists working with textiles; both have created figurative sculptures with this material; and both, in their joint exhibition “Fictions and Legends” at the Textile Museum of Canada, offer disturbing variations on the theme of a paradise lost. But that’s where the similarity seems to end, at least in “Fictions and Legends”—a provocative pairing curated by the TMC’s Sarah Quinton. Canadian Art, January 13, 2014

Animal Stories at the Gardiner Museum The Gardiner’s Animal Stories, with its sharp-eyed dissection of contemporary society as told through animal exploitation, is anything but kid stuff. Toronto Star, January 4, 2014


Why Foundations Are Willing To Bail Out Detroit To Save Its Art “The more we thought about it, the more we talked about it, the more it made sense that if this is something that is going to help Detroit get out of bankruptcy faster, then it was something for the general good. Detroit Free Press, January 13, 2014

New York

The Museum With a Bulldozer’s Heart It would be truly radical to save the former American Folk Art Museum building, but that’s not what MoMA has ever really been about. New York Times, January 14, 2014

Has The Museum Of Modern Art Lost Its Way? “Disconnected from its past, impatient with the present and tearing into the future under the vague banner of “The New,” it has ceased to be the sui generis institution it had been throughout much of its history. Instead it is virtually indistinguishable from every other museum of modern and contemporary art around the world.” Wall Street Journal, January 13, 2014

Let Us Spray: Up Close and Personal with New York’s Early Graffiti Writers A new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York showcases works by Martin Wong and his street-artist friends Keith Haring, Lady Pink, Lee Quiñones, Dondi, and many more. ARTnews, January 14, 2014

Where Folk Art Meets High Fashion A show at the American Folk Art museum features wondrous outfits inspired by objects in the collection. ARTnews, January 13, 2014

The New York Portfolio Review, Part II Last year’s New York Portfolio Review, brought to you by the Lens Blog, was so successful that we couldn’t resist putting on another one this year — once again, for free. New York Times, January 14, 2014


Canadians Find Their Way in London – Canadian Art Getting lost in any city, though, especially one you know well, is part of the everyday pleasure of urban life. It’s this sense of heightened awareness and renewed spatial vigilance—of gaps in and disruptions to auto-piloted pathways through well-travelled streets—that has inspired Caton’s exhibition “When the Grid Goes Soft” at MOT Projects. Canadian Art, January 9, 2014


Iris Häussler: The Mask Under the Face – Canadian Art As I speak with artist Iris Häussler and curator Catherine Sicot about Häussler’s Sophie La Rosière project in my office at the Maisons de Victor Hugo, the Place des Vosges—seen through the windows with its architectural ensemble of hôtels particuliers, unified but all differing in detail—I am yet even more aware of this disappearance of a supposed golden age of classicism in which individuality could flourish within a closed system of knowledge and rules. Canadian Art, January 10, 2014


Guggenheim Will Invite Architects to Imagine a Finnish Outpost The on-again-off-again proposal to build an outpost of the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, Finland, appears to be on again. After city officials there shot down the idea of building the $185 million museum in May 2012, it voted on Monday to reserve a parcel of land on the city’s South Harbor waterfront for the prospective institution. This gives the Guggenheim the green light to start an open international architectural competition to determine who would build the museum. New York Times, January 14, 2014


Another museum for Petra World heritage site to get an institution built to “international standards”, but what will happen to the two existing museums? (The temples and tombs of the ancient city of Petra are carved directly into the sandstone rock face. The Art Newspaper, January 14, 2014


Macedonia’s treasures plundered by thieves The sumptuous altar screen in this village church rises in tiers of crimson, royal blue and gold leaf, all the way up to a crucifix flanked by dragons. Near the top, icon niches gape empty like blown-out windows. The two dozen paintings were torn out in April, apparent victims to an art theft racket catering to rising international appetite for Orthodox religious paintings – a market worth tens of millions of dollars. Vancouver Sun, January 14, 2014

Dukezong, Tibet

Fire Destroys 1,300-Year-Old Tibetan Town In Tibet’s Shangri-la Hundreds of buildings, including one with monument status dating to the early 17th century, were destroyed in the fire which began early yesterday in Dukezong Ancient Town. South China Morning Post, January 10, 2014


Recent research on museum worker well-being: Are museum professionals happy? Andrea N. Michelbach (2013) completed her M.A. thesis research on the well-being of museum workers in Seattle museums. The study focuses on the psychology of work-related emotions and happiness measured by using The Happiness Initiative’s well-being survey, and determined that museum worker respondents rank above those in the large pre-existing Happiness Initiative survey sample on all but one of 11 measures of well-being. However, respondents report that problems with time balance and work/life conflict create problems such as a disappointing lack of opportunity to think strategically, achieve personal goals of and opportunity to repair damage to family time brought on by work over-commitment. Solving Task Saturation, December 27, 2013

12 Trends Defining This Season’s Art-Museum Shows Where to find the major retrospectives, provocative theme shows, and dazzling art-selfie destinations of the spring 2014 season. ARTnews, January 9, 2014

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