Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, December 18, 2013


Vancouver Art Gallery to begin letting children in for free on Sundays … It’s just announced that, starting January 5, all children under 12 will get free admission on Sundays. That also means free access to the gallery’s educational programs and workshops for kids on those days. Georgia Straight, December 18, 2013


Art Gallery of Ontario to launch children’s exhibition series If Ai Weiwei or Vasily Kandinsky failed to catch your 8-year-old’s interest this year, take heart: a new series of exhibitions aimed at the small set is scheduled to begin at the Art Gallery of Ontario Dec. 21. Toronto Star, December 17, 2013

The Horror, the Horror: Artists Are Influenced by David Cronenberg A show features artists’ riffs on ‘The Fly,’ ‘Dead Ringers,’ and other eerie films by the Canadian director. ARTnews, December 18, 2013

Sasha Pierce: Tessellations – Canadian Art In the early days of the Bauhaus, scholar Sigrid Weltge-Wortmann has observed, there were few course options for women. Many arrived with intentions to study painting or architecture with contemporary masters, but upon entry learned of the gender restrictions for certain workshops. Canadian Art, December 18, 2013


Gallery | Paying Tribute to the Mad Genius of Buckminster Fuller Some of the more outlandish ideas held by the iconic inventor and futurist are celebrated in a lovingly produced new tome by the Portland. Ore., graphic designer Cole Gerst. New York Times December 17, 2013

Los Angeles

On View | The Designer Who Helped Give L.A. Its Look A new exhibition pays tribute to Deborah Sussman, whose work, from graphics for the Hollywood Bowl to environmental design for the 1984 Olympics, had an outsize impact on the visual culture of Los Angeles. New York Times December 17, 2013

New York

You CAN Touch This: Rapper Lupe Fiasco Tells Museums How It Is Under his real name, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, the rapper defies museum security and invents some of his own. ARTnews, December 13, 2013

New York Court Finds That Sellers at Auction Can Remain Anonymous “New York’s highest court on Tuesday reversed a decision in a case that could have forced the state’s auction industry to change its practice of keeping sellers’ names anonymous.” The New York Times, December 17, 2013


With Largest Donation in Its History, Philadelphia Museum of Art Completes Endowment Campaign With philanthropist (and Inquirer co-owner) Gerry Lenfest making good on his $27 million matching grant, the museum has a new $54 million endowment to fund 29 staff positions. The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 18, 2013


Like a Home Renovation, but With Vermeers “The New Rijksmuseum,” a documentary about that museum’s decade-long redesign, lingers on the logistical and bureaucratic details of the process. New York Times, December 18, 2013


National Gallery of Denmark has Nazi-looted works, scholar says Two paintings by Nolde and one by Matisse were confiscated during the Second World War as “degenerate” art. The Art Newspaper, December 18, 2013


Heirs of Jewish dealers sell painting to continue fight for more art The Katz family survived the German occupation of the Netherlands by using art to hold off the Nazis. The Art Newspaper, December 18, 2013


Study: We Forget More When We Take Pictures Of Something “A study released last week found that people remember 10 percent fewer objects and roughly 12 percent fewer details about the objects they’ve seen if they’ve photographed them rather than simply looked at them.” The Wall Street Journal, December 18, 2013

Cheryl Siegel


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