Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, April 4, 2013


Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life. The Vancouver Art Gallery’s exhibition Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life ‘charts the evolution of the hotel from its humble origins as an isolate and utilitarian structure to a cultural phenomenon that figures prominently within the global landscape’. RAIC, Architecture Canada, March 26, 2013

Gallery Openings: 5 Vancouver Art Exhibits to See in April. Among the upcoming ‘must see’ exhibitions is Grand Hotel. “Everyone has a hotel story. It may be about a hotel they’ve stayed at, read about or have seen in a film. Whatever the circumstances, these stories represent the unique status of the hotel in the context of contemporary life. This major exhibition charts the evolution of the hotel from its humble origins as an isolate and utilitarian structure to a cultural phenomenon that figures prominently within the global landscape. This exhibit started online in 2011 with a blog, and the exhibition opens April 13.” BC Living, April 3, 2013

Seven Great Spring Art Reads. “Every year, the arrival of spring comes with a bloom of beautiful and interesting new art books.” Canadian Art’s international list of great books to read includes Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography published to accompany an exhibition presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Canadian Art, April 3, 2013

Vancouver Art Gallery, staff avoid strike with tentative pact. The Vancouver Art Gallery has reached a tentative agreement with its staff, following a strike vote earlier this week by CUPE members who work at the gallery. “We anticipate [the agreement] will be ratified in the very near future,” said VAG spokesperson Dana Sullivant, in a statement. “We are pleased this has reached a successful conclusion. Globe & Mail, April 3, 2013

Zineb Sedira’s lighthouses take on multiple symbols. Even as they are disappearing from the contemporary maritime landscape, lighthouses remain a potent symbol, images of hope for those travelling in darkness, and markers of strength and individuality. In Zineb Sedira’s recent multidisciplinary work, lighthouses are a means of addressing important themes and subjects, including colonization, navigation, and cultural identity. Georgia Straight, April 2, 2013

VIDEO: Art ‘Runs Me’: Gathie Falk at 85 A visit with today’s prolific winner of the Audain Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Visual Arts and hear her perspective on making art. The Tyee, April 4, 2013

Retelling shines lovely light on ancient story. West Coast artist Roy Henry Vickers has too much inspiration. And inspiration, he says, is really the breath of the creator running through a person. He has teamed up with Robert (Lucky) Budd, historian and author of Voices of British Columbia, and created the first in a series of four children’s books that retell stories Vickers heard from his heroes as a child and young man growing up in British Columbia. Vancouver Sun, April 4, 2013

Sweeper finds stolen sculpture in alley.  Red Dawn Blue Dusk was taken Easter Sunday from a bench at the Pine free medical clinic and found in an alley in the Main Street area. The Province, April 3, 2013


Ruth Myles: The Glenbow’s Made in Calgary explores the city’s art scene in the 1960s. Stepping into a new exhibit at the Glenbow Museum is like entering a time warp: a large mandala by Joyce Hall features the words “Peace” and “Love” over a white dove below, transporting visitors to a decade when dreamers tried to change the world. Made in Calgary: The 1960s is a reflection of how that decade’s explosion in creative and personal freedoms and rapidly shifting cultural and social norms were expressed by the city’s artistic community. Calgary Herald, April 2, 2013


Painter uses piles of laundry to create fantastical landscapes reflecting often-ignored realms of female experience. Bev Pike’s paintings explore interior settings. Her subjects, heaps and stacks of clothing and fabric, belong to a domestic sphere of knitting, sewing and laundry. She arranges these textiles to fashion other interiors, cable-knit anatomical structures, caves and crypts, sweeping landscapes and hemmed in on all sides by roiling clouds of flannel. Winnipeg Free Press, April 4, 2013


Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: Art that ‘gets right into the soul’. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have that thing only couples of long-standing, engaged in a common enterprise, seem to have. The thing of being able to easily finish each other’s sentences, anticipate and amplify the other’s next thought, to overlap observations and gently chide, josh or contradict an opinion. Globe & Mail, April 3, 2013

Maxine Granovsky Gluskin will head Art Gallery of Ontario board of directors. The timing could hardly be better for Maxine Granovsky Gluskin. Just as the Art Gallery of Ontario is enjoying an upswing, the noted Toronto philanthropist will become president of the AGO board on June 19. Toronto Star, April 3, 2013

Beat Nation: How has Hip Hop Affected Aboriginal CultureBeat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture, on view at The Power Plant gallery until May 5, aims to explore the connection between aboriginal identity and contemporary culture. Curated by Kathleen Ritter, associate curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Tania Willard, a Secwepemc artist, the exhibit features the work of 23 North American artists including paintings, video and fashion design.” Toronto Standard, April 3, 2013


Big Beat: 90 per cent artist, 10 per cent mad scientist. Adrian Göllner, who is 90-per-cent artist and 10-per-cent mad scientist, has an upstairs studio in his Chinatown home where he builds makeshift devices of singular purpose. Göllner’s current project, brought together under the name Norwegian Wood and now open at Patrick Mikhail Gallery, began when his young son came home from daycare singing Beatles’ songs. Ottawa Citizen, April 3, 2013

New York

Hockney Will Show His First Video Installation at the Whitney English artist David Hockney will present his first foray into video installation, The Jugglers, June 24th 2012, at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art this spring and summer (May 23-Sept. 1). Hockney is primarily known for his paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, as well as opera set design. Art in America, April 3, 2013

Return: An Interview with Yael Bartana Israeli-born, Berlin-based artist Yael Bartana makes her New York solo debut at Petzel gallery tonight, giving New York audiences their first extended opportunity to view her Polish video trilogy, And Europe Will Be Stunned. The eponymous show will be on view through May 4. Art in America, April 4, 2013

Hirst catalogue tots up 1,400 spots One of the enduring mysteries of the contemporary art market is to be solved later this spring. The publication of a catalogue listing all the spot paintings made by Damien Hirst since 1986 will reveal that there are around 1,400, according to Jason Beard, the director of Other Criteria, the artist’s publishing company, which has produced the book in conjunction with Gagosian Gallery. The Art Newspaper, April 4, 2013

Washington, D.C.

Corcoran Gallery Announces Planned Partnership With Univ. Of Maryland “The Corcoran’s board of trustees voted, 13 to 0, Wednesday afternoon to sign a preliminary agreement to explore a long-term partnership with Maryland that could include shared faculty; joint student degrees; cooperation on developing new courses; … and expansion of the Corcoran College of Art and Design by several hundred students.” Washington Post, April 3, 2013


Hopi Tribe Wants to Stop Paris Auction of Artifacts The Hopi Indians of Arizona have asked federal officials to help stop a high-price auction of 70 sacred masks in Paris next week, but the State and Interior Departments say there is little they can do. New York Times, April 4, 2013


German museum director slams Ai Weiwei choice for national pavilion Udo Kittelmann says other artists chosen to represent Germany at the Venice Biennale will be “overshadowed” The Art Newspaper, April 4, 2013


Do LED Lights Damage Paintings? “Online news reports claimed that the scientists found prolonged exposure to LED lights to be the cause of the darkening. That conclusion, however, is inaccurate.” ARTnews , April 4, 2013

Art and Techology: a Clash of Cultures Software millionaires are not buying fine art, which worries galleries. But can the art world’s inclusiveness be partly to blame? New York Times, April 4, 2013

A Portrait Of The Global Art Market “As the $60 billion world art market contracted by 7% in 2012, sales in China fell by more than 20%, and sales of art in the US inched up 5%, giving the US 33% of world market share and leaving China with 25%.” Adobe Airstream, April 3, 2013

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