Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library February 26, 2013


Ian Wallace The king of photoconceptualism is at ease in his studio kingdom. Nuvo, Spring, 2013

Millstone, New Jersey

Frank Lloyd Wright House For Sale (But You Have To Move It) “The asking price is $950,000, plus relocation costs. And they’ve found a prospective buyer: an Italian architect wants to bring it to Fiesole, a hilltop town near Florence, where Frank Lloyd Wright once lived.” The Guardian (UK) February 25, 2013


‘A Haunted Take On Campus-Gothic Grandeur’ – Univ. Of Chicago’s New Arts Center In their design for the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien “hold a variety of tensions at bay. The tower’s layered planes appear ready to peel apart. The tower itself erupts from a broad, plain-spoken two-story base with a sawtooth clerestory roof.” Bloomberg, February 26, 2013

New York

Retrospective: When ARTnews Went to the Armory Show And other excerpts from our coverage 100, 75, 50, and 25 years ago. ARTnews, February 26, 2013

Gilty Pleasures: The Guggenheim Reframes Its Classics A team of experts at the Guggenheim is reframing modernist works from the Thannhauser collection in period frames dating back to the 17th century. ARTnews, February 25, 2013

Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Self-Destructing Chocolate HeadChocolate was the medium of choice for Janine Antoni and Dieter Roth to depict—and deface—their own image. ARTnews, February 21, 2013


Agnew’s to sell historical archive As the historic London gallery closes, one of the most important and complete records of art market dealings over the past two centuries to go on the block. The Art Newspaper, February 22, 2013


Olympia allowed to leave Paris President Hollande gives special dispensation for Manet’s work to travel to Venice. The Art Newspaper, February 25, 2013

Kizhi, Russia

Culture minister’s controversial appointment sparks protest in north Russia Karelia’s former governor to run state museum at Kizhi World Heritage Site. The Art Newspaper, February 26, 2013


Ancient Babylonian bricks stolen in Iraq Size of theft much greater than previously announced. The Art Newspaper, February 26, 2013


The Birth Of Pantone (What Would We Do Without It?) “In the early 1960s, as Lawrence Herbert drove to work in a blue Cadillac with cherry red seats, he mulled over a problem: How to create a ‘universal language’ of color. … Each company defined colors differently, and when you ordered ‘wheat’ or ‘taupe’ or ‘cream,’ you couldn’t predict what you’d get.” The New York Times Magazine, February 24, 2013

Why Do People Think That Food Is Art? “People clearly take this food stuff very personally, invest a huge amount of feeling in it, which only strengthens my conviction that it has become a kind of new religion. People believe in food, the way they use

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