Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, February 14, 2013


The age of comics. “For comics fans, this is the golden age. “It’s an embarrassment of riches,” cartoonist Art Spiegelman said. “Now it’s really possible for me not to know what’s going on. There didn’t used to be nearly as much. There’s a lot that has come out just in the last 12 months that, if any one of them had come out five or seven years ago, would’ve been headline news. And now it’s part of a river.” Spiegelman is at least partly responsible for that river… When the Vancouver Art Gallery presents Art Spiegelman CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, which opens Saturday and runs to June 9, the exhibit will feature work from across his 40-year career.” Vancouver Sun, February 13, 2013

CO-MIX retrospective at the VAG reveals Art Spiegelman’s Maus trap. “Art Spiegelman wants to escape his iconic graphic novel, but his stunning VAG retrospective CO-MIX makes us happy he hasn’t.” Georgia Straight, February 14, 2013

Art Spiegelman ganha exposição na Galeria de Arte de Vancouver. “Para o curador Bruce Grenville, Spiegelman é uma figura essencial das histórias em quadrinhos, tendo servido de grande influência e inspiração.” Universo HQ, February 14, 2013

Museum provides sex education. Sex Talk in the City, a new exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver which opens, appropriately, on Feb. 14, explores how sex and sexuality have evolved in the bedroom, classroom and on the streets of Vancouver. The Province, February 14, 2013

Richmond, B.C.

Rachel Rosenfield Lafo picked as new director of Richmond Art Gallery. “The City of Richmond’s public art gallery has a new director whose resume boasts decades of curatorial and administrative experience at museums in the United States. Rachel Rosenfield Lafo has been selected for the role, the gallery announced in a news release on February 12.” Georgia Straight, February 13, 2013


Darkroom denizens in the spotlight. Sanja Lukac, Francis A. Willey and Kirsten White are the trio behind Seities, a new photography magazine dedicated purely to traditional photographs shot on film and developed in a dark room. Calgary Herald, February 14, 2013


Art Market Hopeful in Wake of Sotheby’s Canada Decision. Last week, many were surprised when the Globe & Mail broke the story that Sotheby’s—a presence in the Canadian art market for more than 30 years—would be ending regular live auctions in Canada. Canadian Art, February 14, 2013


National Gallery’s summer blockbuster to showcase contemporary native artists from around the world. “Marc Mayer is calling Shakan “the largest undertaking of our history” and the fulfilment of an ambition he vowed to entertain after being named director of the National Gallery of Canada four years ago… “Really, it’s too big to tour,” said Mayer. The exhibition contains the most artifacts of any exhibition the NGC has mounted in its almost 135-year history.” Globe & Mail, February 13, 2013


Laurent Grasso Creates Must-See Labyrinth in Montreal. “Laurent Grasso’s “Uraniborg” is one of the most inventively installed exhibitions to be staged at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal in recent memory—and fittingly so, given that it takes its name from the Scandinavian castle-observatory built by 16th-century astronomer, inventor and alchemist Tycho Brahe.” Canadian Art, February 14, 2013


Police Raid Atlanta Gallery Over Complaints It Failed To Pay Artists “The police action has brought renewed attention to Lowe, whose reputation for not paying artists has circulated in the art community for quite a while.” Arts ATL (Altanta) February 13, 2013


University To Create Largest Database Of Arts Information Southern Methodist University “will compile public IRS information with current databases to create what they’re calling a census of American arts activity.” Art & Seek (KERA) February 13, 2013


Corin Sworn Gears Up for Venice with The Rag Papers. Since graduating from Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2002, Corin Sworn has won increasing international recognition. Sworn, now based in Glasgow, is due to be one of three artists representing Scotland at the 2013 Venice Biennale, and as of late her work has been shown at ICA London, among other venues. Canadian Art, February 13, 2013

Can London’s Historic Gallery District Be Saved From Developers? “Over the past 90 years, Cork Street, a quiet road in London’s gilded district of Mayfair …, has become as synonymous with art as Savile Row has with bespoke men’s tailoring. Now plans for a multimillion-dollar development that will see several of the galleries on the road having to leave means the character and future of Cork Street is under threat, say those campaigning to preserve it.” Time (Magazine), February 12, 2013

A 3D Printed House, Fabricated In Three Weeks And Put Up In A Day “London architecture collective Softkill Design has joined the race to build the world’s first 3D printed house, announcing plans for a plastic dwelling that could be built off-site in three weeks and assembled in a single day.” Dezeen , February 13, 2013

British Library Digitizes Leonardo Notebooks (Check Them Out) “The British Library in London has fully digitised its Leonardo manuscript, enabling everyone to freely explore this precious document on a computer screen – at home, in a cafe, wherever.” The Guardian (UK) February 13, 2013

Sotheby’s sued over Caravaggio attribution “Sotheby’s is being sued for damages over a work it attributed to a “follower” of Caravaggio that sold at auction in London to the late collector and scholar Sir Denis Mahon in 2006, for a hammer price of £42,000.” The Art Newspaper, February 14, 2013

Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford And Cambridge Team Up To Buy Historic Jewish Archive “The traditional rivals “joining forces to prevent what will now be called the Lewis-Gibson Genizah Collection” – a huge collection of documents from Cairo’s old Jewish quarter covering centuries of history – “being sold to a foreign institution or, even worse, split up.”” Times Higher Education (UK) February 14, 2013


Altered States of Reality. Popel Coumou, the Dutch photographer/multimedia artist uses photography and collage as a way of expressing, and often altering, her idea of reality. Slate Magazine, February 14, 2013

Graubunden, Switzerland

Peter Zumthor: RIBA awards gold medal to architecture’s man of mystery “He has a mythic reputation as a reclusive mountain-dwelling hermit, a monk of materials, with standards so exacting that few clients have the patience, or deep enough pockets, to indulge his uncompromising approach. … So how did the myth of the mountain man come to be?” The Guardian (UK) February 5, 2013


In The Age Of The Internet And Tablets, Why Do We Need Libraries? “Libraries “have been around too long” and are “no longer relevant”, according to Horrible Histories author Terry Deary, an apparently lone literary voice to believe that libraries have “had their day”. Among the 267 comments…“This naive author thinks that if there are no libraries, people will buy books and he’ll make more money. Kindle editions of most of his books are selling for 6.99(cn) – what royalty will he receive from that?” Libraries create readers, to a much larger degree than public schooling does. Those readers buy books, in addition to checking them out for free.” The Guardian (UK) February 13, 2013

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