Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library January 11-14, 2013


Vancouver Art Gallery’s quest for a new home: Big scheme, big controversy In 2007, it looked like Vancouver might get a new art gallery, a new museum, a new maritime museum, a new national aboriginal art gallery, a new national portrait gallery and a new, privately funded waterfront sports stadium. Then the recession hit. Vancouver Sun, January 12, 2013

Hundreds rally to save Waldorf Hotel Hirsute hipsters mingled with Vancouver’s arts elite on a cold, clear Sunday…afford to lose.A parade of speakers including Vancouver Opera director Jim Wright and Vancouver Art Gallery director Kathleen Bartels. Vancouver Sun, January 14, 2013

Cape Dorset

Kenojuak Ashevak, Who Brought Inuit Art To World Renown, 85 “Her renown grew after the release in the 1960s of ‘Kenojuak,’ a film produced by the National Film Board of Canada and nominated for an Academy Award for best short documentary. Commissions followed, and Kenojuak, who spoke only Inuktitut, was invited to travel widely for exhibitions of Inuit art in Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Seattle and Ottawa.” The New York Times, Jan 13, 2013


Can A Freelance Curator Change The Artistic Direction Of A Region? “At age 42, Ott is one of a number of midcareer arts professionals in the Northwest deliberately setting out to make their mark on the region. These individuals are poised to take the reins from an earlier generation of artists and administrators. Seattle Times, Jan 13, 2013


Oakland Museum Suffers Second Burglary In Three Months “Police believe that the man who stole a Gold Rush-era artifact from the Oakland Museum of California this week is the same burglar who made off with gold nuggets and other items from the institution in November, investigators said Wednesday.” San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 11, 2013

Los Angeles

Ada Louise Huxtable’s Estate Attorney Discusses Her Getty Surprise What was she thinking in depriving NYC of her archives? Robert Shapiro offers some hints…. – CultureGrrl – Jan 10, 2013

Getty To Return Sculture To Sicily “The museum obtained the piece, which dates back to between 400 and 300 BC, in 1985. But new evidence suggests it was removed from Sicily’s Morgantina Archaeological Park a decade earlier.” BBC, Jan 11, 2013

Getty’s Latest Repatriation (plus AAMD members’ loose interpretation of cultural-property guidelines) Getty gives ’em “Hades.” But such amicable transfers aside, cultural-property wars are far from over. Museums’ Objects Registry ruse…. – CultureGrrl – Jan 13, 2013

Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Artists Facing Financial Facts In The Twin Cities The Twin Cities are great for artists in many ways. Except for the money thing. “You have little chance of making the orchestras; acting jobs rarely last for an entire year; the average dancer earns about $7,000 annually; visual artists live by what they can sell; full-time choral work is extremely rare.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jan 13, 2013


Checking In On Manet In Toledo Was This Blockbuster Portraiture Exhibition A Big Draw? What The Museum Learned…. – Real Clear Arts – Jan 13, 2013


Cleveland Museum Goes 21st Century With A Vengeance “The techniques developed in Cleveland — if successful — might be adopted later by bigger museums on the coasts, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, they said.” The Plain Dealer, Jan 13, 2013


Architect Renzo Piano Loves His Shard “It is a kind of lighthouse in London. It is quite a surprising element, and providing surprise and wonder is not essential, but it is not a bad thing to do.” The Observer (UK) Jan 13, 2013

Prince William’s wife Kate gets her first official portrait; artist gets slammed by critics The Duchess of Cambridge seems to like her first official portrait, which is lucky for the artist. Many critics don’t. Times Colonist, January 11, 2013


How Munich’s New Public Art Could Beat Berlin’s Massive Appeal Well … “It’s an optimistic, maybe naive hope to get people into the streets again.” Financial Times, Jan 13, 2013


Art, Propaganda and Death in Ancient Rome An exhibition in Rome traces the political and economic foundations of the second century A.D., when the empire reached its widest expanse and highest population. New York Times, January 1, 2013

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