Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, November 15, 2012


Lyse Lemieux’s New Work grieves an old friend and explores body’s frailty. “Lyse Lemieux has a profound feeling for the human body in all its fraught contradictions. Her abstracted figurative and portrait drawings, sometimes collaged with pieces of fabric, at other times with sheets of crumpled glassine or strips of medical tape, convey conditions of wonder and abjectness, humour and melancholy, harmony and distress.” Georgia Straight, November 13, 2012

Vancouver’s east side is crawling with cultural gems. “From Nov. 16 to 18, art studios in an area bordered by Main Street and Victoria Drive north of First Avenue to the waterfront will brim with the weird, the wacky and the wonderful – just about everything art has to offer. Starting in 1997 with several hundred visitors, the Eastside Cultural Crawl is expected to bring in around 500,000 studio visits this year.” Vancouver Sun, November 15, 2012

Artists at work put on a show. “A welcome respite from the mass-produced products that sit on store shelves are the one-of-a-kind items that the 420 or so artists will be delivering this year when the Crawl kicks into gear Friday.” The Province, November 15, 2012

With so many studios in East Van, where to start? “Organizers expect more than 15,000 art lovers to stroll through the Chinatown, Gastown, Strathcona, Main Street and Commercial Drive spaces, getting glimpses of the artistic process and perusing paintings, pottery, jewellery, sculpture, furniture and more.” Globe & Mail, November 15, 2012

Survey targets arts groups. Metro Vancouver arts and culture groups are being asked to help shed light on the challenges they face finding places to call home. Georgia Straight, November 15, 2012


Installation artist reminds us to be present. “Like graffiti artists who know their work may soon be painted over, installation artists often create pieces they know won’t last. It makes the documentation process that much more imporant. And for Toronto artist Melissa Fisher, who has incorporated those images into the works she’ll display in Victoria this month, it also means giving new life to older work.” Times Colonist, November 15, 2012

How to host a party for an alien. “Eighteen artists representing three countries responded to a call for cosmic hospitality made by Noxious Sector Arts Collective, “a formalized forum of informal inquiry.” Their proposals will be unveiled at an opening Friday at Open Space.” Times Colonist, November 15, 2012


Calgary arts scene awaits its masterpiece. “Calgary, with its booming economy and determination to prove itself as a cultural force, has a visual arts deficit. While Edmonton enjoys the sparkling, not-quite-three-year-old Art Gallery of Alberta, Calgary’s chief art facility is a museum with an identity crisis stuck in a lacklustre facility; the AGC is embroiled in a case of alleged fraud; a high-powered collaboration to build a new contemporary art gallery has fizzled; and that once-exciting promise of housing the country’s National Portrait Gallery is a memory, with the project quietly scrapped three years ago. It’s not a pretty picture.” Globe & Mail, November 15, 2012

Calgary artist earns spot among top Canadians Jason de Haan’s innovative work shortlisted for Sobey Art Award. “Jason de Haan might be the toast of the Canadian art world, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the Calgary artist to find studio space.” Calgary Herald, November 14, 2012


Edmonton’s Latitude 53 gallery moving into accessible space. “Latitude 53 is only moving downstairs and next door, but for some, this brings the gallery down from a faraway mountaintop.” Edmonton Journal, November 14, 2012


No holds barred. “In his text introducing The Undesirables, the exhibition of new sculpture currently at Graffiti Gallery, Gordon Reeve praises the work as “raw, unpredictable and untainted by editing. Curated by artist Sarah Anne Johnson and Border Crossings magazine editor-in-chief Meeka Walsh, The Undesirables showcases ambitious, large-scale sculptural works produced for the exhibition by five recent U of M graduates.” Winnipeg Free Press, November 15, 2012


Sobey Art Award a celebration of young artists. “The Sobey Award brings some of the country’s most ambitious young talent to the attention of both Canadian and international art lovers, curators, critics, and, yes, collectors. The work of the five finalists for this year’s award—Gareth Moore (West Coast and Yukon), Jason de Haan (Prairies and the North), Derek Sullivan (Ontario), Raphaëlle de Groot (Quebec), and Eleanor King (Atlantic)—will be on view at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art on Queen Street through December 30; the winner will be announced at a reception on Friday, November 16.” Toronto Star, November 15, 2012


Ottawa Art Gallery: alive and very well. “The OAG is A-OK, and Alexandra Badzak wants to get that message out there, ASAP.” Ottawa Citizen, November 15, 2012


Inuit artists to miss out on Resale Right payments at coming auctions. “Inuit artists will miss out on profits made on their work at Joyner Waddington’s and Walkers auction houses in the next few days – from which the artists will not receive a dime. The Canadian and Quebec associations of visual artists (CARFAC & RAAV) have requested that government address this discrepancy by bringing the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada.” CARFAC, November 1, 2012

New York

Curating a Relief Effort on the Beach Klaus Biesenbach, director of MoMA P.S. 1, is committed to rebuilding the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy. The New York Times, November 15, 2012

Record Contemporary Art Auction Sales This Week “The US art season ended with a record-breaking sales total of $412m (£259.9m) for Christie’s, with records set for works by 11 artists.” BBC, November 15, 2012

Christie’s Sues Chinese Auction House Over Its Name “Christie’s took legal action after a query over whether a sale by Chritrs was actually one of theirs. The accused company’s name in Chinese is pronounced the same way as Christie’s in the country.” The Independent (UK) November 14, 2012


When Artists Dabble In Pop For The Sake Of Politics “On Thursday evening, a group of artists will gather at Anish Kapoor’s studio in London to shoot a parody of Psy’s monster hit Gangnam Style, in support of Ai Weiwei. This follows Ai’s own version last month … It’s not the first time a huge pop hit has been reworked to make an artistic and political statement.” The Guardian (UK) November 14, 2012


Escaping the Shadow of Pompeii “Compared with its better-known Vesuvian neighbor, Pompeii, where local officials, constrained by inadequate and mismanaged government funds, have long struggled in their efforts to conserve and protect the sprawling open-air site — and even to prevent the periodic and well publicized collapse of walls — Herculaneum has become a textbook case of successful archaeological conservation.” The New York Times, November 15, 2012


Art Market Correction? Prices For Star Artwork From Booming 2000’s Slip “It is not just a shift in taste that is working against the poster boys and girls of the boom. It is also the sheer amount of supply from this era, when there was considerable pressure to buy.” The Art Newspaper, November 14, 2012

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