Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, November 7, 2012


10 Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now & Next Week. FUSE is returning to the Vancouver Art Gallery this Friday evening. If you’ve never been before, imagine live music, dancers, and the extremely rare opportunity to appreciate art in a public gallery late at night with a glass of wine in hand without being tackled by security guards. A fair start to the weekend, to be sure, and rather timely seeing as the new Ian Wallace exhibit just went up. This is the event of the week, folks. Scout Magazine, November 5, 2012

Wallace exhibit merges media “He’s repeating what he told a tour of Vancouver Art Gallery docents just a few days before. The tour went two hours longer than planned, he says – he simply had so much to say about the work, spanning over 40 years, now on display.” Vancouver Courier, November 6, 2012


Art gallery’s $14-million upgrade looks to renovation rather than move downtown. “The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is contemplating a $14-million renovation and expansion at its Rockland location rather than moving downtown as long planned.” Times Colonist, November 6, 2012


5 ideas for Calgary’s Glenbow Museum. “A Calgary cultural icon has lost its president. Glenbow Museum president and CEO Kirstin Evenden resigned Tuesday after 19 years with the organization. Although attendance is up, the museum has run deficits at more than $1 million for the last three years.” CBC News, November 7, 2012

Douglas Coupland to create art for downtown Calgary condo tower. Douglas Coupland, the Vancouver-based artist, author and designer, has been commissioned by Calgary developers Qualex-Landmark, to create an original artwork in their new art district condo tower, MARK on 10th. Calgary Herald, November 5, 2012

ARTwear marks milestone with top designers, talented students. “It began as a fun way to raise money for programs at The Art Gallery of Calgary. Ten years later, Elizabeta Liguric says ARTwear has become one of the gallery’s biggest events.” Calgary Herald, November 6, 2012

High River, Alberta

Parkinson’s forces High River artist to give up gallery, but can’t steal love of his craft. “Renowned artist Rocky Barstad has showcased his own works, and those of other First Nations artists, at his Two Feathers Gallery in High River for the past 16 years. The creeping effects of Parkinson’s is leading him to close the gallery, though he says, “I’m going to keep doing my art for as long as I can.”” Calgary Herald, November 6, 2012


Enterprise Square Galleries seen as hub to exhibit local art in Edmonton. “Downtown gallery space in the Enterprise Square building on Jasper Avenue will become an arts destination that promotes local talent if city councillors approve the project during budget talks, city officials said Tuesday.” Edmonton Journal, November 7, 2012


Young & Giroux Prove Ambivalent About Canada’s Modernization in Latest Work. “The modernity that has long interested Young and Giroux is popular and mass cultural, a phenomenon in which the most prized characteristic is mechanical functionality, not (as in the fine arts) clever or beautiful appearances. It’s the rational, Fordist, high-efficiency force visibly embodied in the non-art gadgets, appliances, and pieces of equipment, furniture and infrastructure that have been increasingly defining the way we live…”Canadian Art, November 5, 2012


Inuit artist Ohotaq Mikkigak Draws on Landscapes of Ice and Memory. “Ohotaq’s recent large-scale drawings are starkly different from his earlier works, which were predominantly drawings with images of birds and fish. In this new scale, sometimes as large as eight by four feet, his work has developed a very contemporary, almost abstracted style, in which he depicts landscapes, seascapes and houses from his community.” Canadian Art, November 2, 2012

New Approach: Toronto Starts “Graffiti Panel” To Judge Art/Vandalism “The first session was contentious but civil, with panel members facing off against property owners who were appealing notices of violation for “markings” on their buildings.” The Art Newspaper, November 7, 2012


Canadian Biennial Aims to Build Different Vision of National Art. “Featuring more than 100 works from 45 artists, the biennial exhibition, titled “Builders,” aims to highlight artists who have done much to grow or nurture the Canadian art community—and who, at times, might be better known for that role than for their artwork proper.” Canadian Art, November 1, 2012

Interview: Robert Bateman finds he does love the National Gallery of Canada. “One of Canada’s best-known artists, Robert Bateman, is eager to visit the National Gallery of Canada — even if his own paintings do not hang on its walls. “It may not be mutual but I do love the National Gallery,” Bateman, 82, says with a laugh.” Ottawa Citizen, November 7, 2012

Marsha Sobey named to National Gallery board. “The federal heritage minister has announced the appointment of Marsha Sobey to the National Gallery’s board of trustees.” Ottawa Citizen, November 6, 2012

Long Beach, California

The Museum of Latin American Art Lays Off Employees, Cuts Budget by $600,000. “Adolfo Guzman-Lopez reports for KPCC that the Museum of Latin American Art in Southern California has laid off five employees, including its chief curator Cecilia Fajardo Hill, as part of its efforts to cut its budget by $600,000.” Artforum, November 7, 2012


Cleveland Museum reopens entrance after seven-year refit New atrium meant to serve as civic space for discussion. The Art Newspaper, November 5, 2012

New York

Independent Vision Curatorial Award Winners Announced. “Nav Haq and Jay Sanders have been chosen as the winners of the 2012 Independent Vision Curatorial Award. Haq is a curator at the Het Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, and previously worked as curator at Arnolfini in Bristol.” Artforum, November 7, 2012

Pat Steir Paints a Painting “Pat Steir likes to think her paintings make themselves. In 1988, she began to experiment with pouring diaphanous layers of white paint onto canvas. With the first of these “Waterfall” paintings, she liberated herself almost overnight from decisions about imagery and let the record of the process become the image itself.” Art News, November 7, 2012

Discovering Columbus Puts Public-Art Icon in New York Living Room. “Until November 18, visitors to Tatzu Nishi’s installation Discovering Columbus can climb six flights of stairs to a living room constructed around the statue. Presented by the Public Art Fund, the title of the project suggests a reckoning of gazes, but the project itself seems to be more like Nishi’s interpretation of the American dream. Despite the huge statue standing in the middle of the living room coffee table, the room is otherwise surprisingly ordinary.” Canadian Art, November 6, 2012


Hell comes to the Hermitage, Chapman brothers style Latest phase of Modern art wing includes temporary displays of work by Goya and instruments of torture. The Art Newspaper, November 6, 2012


Georgia’s National Museum, Shaping A Young Country’s Identity “Like the country it embodies, indeed for the sake of that country, the Georgian National Museum is reimagining the past to carve out a durable future. … One might call it a struggle to define the Georgian soul, and that defining is what a national museum can do most deliberately.” The Wall Street Journal, November 7, 2012

Cicheng, China

In China, Reviving An Ancient City And Its Craft Traditions. “The streets and alleys of Cicheng are home to houses and temples dating back more than a millennium. Local officials, hoping to keep the city from becoming merely a tourist attraction, “have embarked on an ambitious program to revitalize Cicheng’s craft traditions by encouraging artisans and designers to study and work there.”” International Herald Tribune, November 5, 2012

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