Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, October 4, 2012


Rodney Graham at Vancouver Art Gallery. “Rodney Graham both employs and parodies this more oblique—and acutely Canadian—approach to funny in Canadian Humourist, his current exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery. A core member of Vancouver’s internationally recognized photo-conceptual school, he is its most subtly mischievous, known for deftly adorning broad psycho-social commentary with offbeat, ironic moments that tend to feature versions of the artist himself.” Whitehot Magazine, September 2012

Traffic at the Vancouver Art Gallery is impressive in its comprehensiveness. “In Vancouver, N.E. Thing Co. ran a restaurant, played with a teletype machine, and sponsored a peewee hockey team. In Calgary, Eric Cameron covered a head of lettuce with 12,000 coats of acrylic gesso. In Toronto, General Idea published FILE magazine and created the Miss General Idea Pageant…Welcome to Traffic, a history of conceptual art in Canada. Completing its Canadian tour at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Traffic is by turns amusing, provocative, camp, cunning, angry, playful, and head-bangingly boring.” Georgia Straight, October 2, 2012

A matter of perspective. In Patrick Hughes’ work Internity in the foyer of Vancouver’s Rosewood Hotel Georgia, “the three-dimensional, self-called “sticking-out pictures” make the nearest part seem the farthest away. Hughes’ work is part of the new cultural program at the Rosewood Hotel that includes a panel discussion: Building an Artistic Community (on today at 5:30 p.m.) and features work by Hughes as well as conceptual photographer Christos Dikeakos, and the abstract painter, Landon Mackenzie. Senior Vancouver Art Gallery curator and member of the panel, Bruce Grenville, “explains that hotels have often attracted artists – whether it’s writing, music, film or dance. In questioning why, he opines that being a “generally unaffiliated, neutral space yet one that is public” they can provide good spots for potentially artistic conversation.”” Vancouver Sun, October 4, 2012

Peruvian silver glows, dazzles, and beguiles at the Museum of Anthropology. “At the UBC Museum of Anthropology, the silver of Peru is called “Luminescence”. At least, that’s the title of the MOA’s groundbreaking exhibition of Peruvian silver, with objects spanning two millennia and ranging from pre-Columbian crowns, beakers, and nose ornaments to a magnificent colonial-era altarpiece, to contemporary devil masks and jewellery, all richly gleaming under the carefully placed museum lights. The journalistic word for all this silverishness? Fabulous.” Georgia Straight, October 4, 2012

“State of Mind” Marches to a Regional-Art Beat. “Last night, British Columbia ceramics-based artist Brendan Tang won the second annual RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award. In addition to Tang, this year’s nominees were Jason Holley of Newfoundland, Sarah Lawless of British Columbia, Janet MacPherson of Ontario and Julie Moon of Ontario. All have been featured in a related exhibition at The Gardiner Museum.” Canadian Art, October 2, 2012


Audain plans art museum in Whistler. “The new museum doesn’t diminish in any sense my interest in seeing the Vancouver Art Gallery relocate into a brand-new building of a type that Vancouver and British Columbia deserves for their magnificent collection.” – Michael Audain. Vancouver Sun, October 3, 2012


Show highlights back-to-land potters. “If the oodles of artisans are any indication, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are fertile ground for creativity. Among those who flocked here and flourished were the potters of the back-to-the-land movement, the subject of a new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.” Times Colonist, October 4, 2012

Northwest art show explores erotic theme. “Erotica – a seldom-emphasized theme in Kwakwaka’wakw art – is at the centre of a new exhibition at Alcheringa Gallery. Seven prominent and emerging artists have created pieces for Lusa’nala: The Way We Came Into This World, opening tonight at 7.” Times Colonist, October 4, 2012


Artist expresses himself inside the box on Stephen Avenue. “Artist Daniel J. Kirk has nearly completely painted the cube he’s locked inside of on Stephen Avenue, with two days to spare until he is reintroduced to the real world.” Calgary Herald, October 3, 2012


Brendan Tang Wins $10,000 RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award. “Last night, British Columbia ceramics-based artist Brendan Tang won the second annual RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award. In addition to Tang, this year’s nominees were Jason Holley of Newfoundland, Sarah Lawless of British Columbia, Janet MacPherson of Ontario and Julie Moon of Ontario. All have been featured in a related exhibition at The Gardiner Museum.” Canadian Art, October 3, 2012


City selects public art for reconstructed Rideau Street. “The city selected a proposal from artist Mark Thompson as the winner of a public art competition for a section of Rideau from Dalhousie Street to the Cummings Bridge, it announced on Wednesday.” Ottawa Citizen, October 3, 2012

Los Angeles

MOCA TV Launches Softly On YouTube “The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles soft-launched a new YouTube channel, MOCA TV, with nine short videos, this week. MOCA is offering a three-month membership to all subscribers. The first set of videos stick to studio visits, and all videos but a 90-second trailer for the project are aggregated, preexisting videos.” Art in America, October 3, 2012


Frank Lloyd Wright House In Phoenix Saved From Demolition (For Now) “The city of Phoenix and a developer who was poised to demolish a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home have reached an agreement that will put any work on hold while a search continues for a buyer, a city official confirmed Wednesday.” AP, October 3, 2012

New York

Uta Barth, An-My Lê, and Natalia Almada Named MacArthur Fellows “Artists Uta Barth and An-My Lê and filmmaker Natalia Almada are among the twenty-three individuals that have been named 2012 MacArthur fellows. Each will receive five hundred thousand dollars over the next five years; fellowships come without any stipulations, providing fellows the freedom with which to reflect and explore their creative endeavors.” Artforum, October 2, 2012


Fashion’s Equivalent of the Blank Canvas “The black dresses now on view at the Savannah College of Art and Design, in a show organized by André Leon Talley, the Vogue contributing editor who is also a writer and, increasingly, a curator, aren’t the type you’d see at art openings. Most are couture—vintage garments from Chanel, Balenciaga, Fortuny, Valentino, and highlights from recent collections by Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Proenza Schouler, among many others.” Art News, October 4, 2012


Frieze London Marks 10th Edition, Launches Frieze Masters “Next weekend marks the next big date on the international art fair calendar. Frieze London, a contemporary art fair in its 10th edition, and the new Frieze Masters, offering historical works, take place Oct. 11-14. Both are in Regent’s Park, with Masters located on the park’s Gloucester Green, within walking distance from Frieze.” Art in America, October 4, 2012


Public paintings quest completed “It took a decade, but all 201,000 works of art owned publicly in the UK have now been photographed. Now they’ll all be put online.” BBC, October 4, 2012

Como, Italy

Dead Gaddafi in triplicate. “Three major artists—Jenny Saville, Yan Pei-Ming and Luca del Baldo—have created paintings of the corpse of the deposed Libyan dictator.” The Art Newspaper, October 4, 2012


Bosnia’s Cultural Institutions Are Collapsing, One By One “The National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina will close on Thursday after 124 years – the victim of a political funding crisis that is devastating the divided nation’s cultural institutions. Bosnia has already lost its national art gallery this year. And international campaigners say at least five other cultural institutions are at risk. They include the National and University Library, which was attacked and reduced to rubble during the 1992-95 war.” The Guardian (UK) October 3, 2012


A little too much democracy at Gwangju Biennale. “Six curators create “Round Table” exhibition with contontations of debate but a blurry message.” The Art Newspaper, October 4, 2012


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