Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library August 9, 2012


Yang Fudong: Sleepwalking. Yang Fudong’s Fifth Night transports the viewer from the Vancouver Art Gallery to an old Shanghai street late at night. The Canadian premiere of Fudong’s video installation is part of Yellow Signal: New Media in China, a project initiated by Zheng Shengtian and coordinated by Centre A that presents contemporary Chinese artists at multiple venues across Vancouver. Canadian Art, August 9, 2012

Josephine Meckseper Shines at CAG. For her first Canadian exhibition, Josephine Meckseper brings a two decade-long critique of consumerism to Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery. Eight new works grace the Nelson St. windows of the CAG – spaces that, appropriately enough, once held eye-catching retail displays. Vancouver Magazine, August 1, 2012


Artful awareness. Tucked away along the serene banks of Banff’s Bow River is the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. This treasure trove of history and art is the legacy of Peter Whyte and Catharine Robb-Whyte, an avante garde, philanthropic duo, whose love affair with each other, with the mountains and with art has inspired movies and novels alike. Two new exhibits at the Whyte Museum reveal the history and wonder of the Rockies. Calgary Herald, August 8, 2012


Guy Laliberté went to space and all he got were these stunning photographs. “In September 2009, Guy Laliberté became the seventh private citizen to travel into space. “And as always, when you travel, you bring a camera,” the Cirque du Soleil founder says. The collection of photographs Laliberté brought back to Earth were published in a book called Gaia last year, and Laliberté is now showing 60 of the photographs as a travelling exhibition, on view at the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District.” National Post, August 8, 2012

Berenice Abbott: What No One Sees. “Berenice Abbott was a modernist of a particular breed. To wit, she was an early 20th-century photographer, and a great admirer of Eugène Atget—someone for whom the camera’s topical and formal purposes merged seamlessly, and indeed logically. A thorough show of Abbott’s work at the Art Gallery of Ontario illustrates this well.” Canadian Art, August 9, 2012

Gaucher, Buren & Allikas: Summer Colour. Arsenal Toronto is located on a quiet side street that leads directly onto the West Toronto Railpath and for the next three months it is the location for a show at Arsenal Toronto that offers an art-world version of open spaces generated by a collection of magisterial abstractions by Daniel Buren, Barry Allikas and Yves Gaucher. Canadian Art, August 2, 2012


A portrait of artist’s fall from grace. “First-time filmmaker Alison Klayman had no real idea what she was walking into when she agreed to shoot video for a 2008 show of Ai Weiwei’s NYC photographs in Beijing, but she ended up following the artist through three years of absolute tumult – all of which is chronicled in her new film, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (showing in Ottawa Aug. 10-14).” Ottawa Citizen, August 9, 2012

Los Angeles

MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch defends ‘seriousness’ of shows. Jeffrey Deitch has seen the future of American museum audiences. And, he says, they will look a lot different from the old guard at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2012

Kansas City

A Plan To Turn Kansas City Pro Football Home Into Art Showcase “This process will have to put very clearly the objectives so that it showcases the best of the artists in the region. I think it should be something that engages the local community and also artists that might have been from here and then gone on to international recognition.” Kansas City Star, August 8,2012

New York

Kindergarteners give a guided tour of the MoMA What constitutes an expert in an area? Is it the amount of time they’ve spent in a particular area? Or could having a unique perspective be enough? Audio Tour Hack has tapped into this question by releasing a second museum guide (their first was Artobot at the Guggenheim). The guide provides the view points of children and how they see modern art. We love the title: MoMA Unadulterated.PSFK, August 2012


FRANZ WEST (1947–2012) The Austrian artist Franz West, who has died aged 65 after a long illness, was profoundly impressed as a teenager by a trip to Rome, where public sculptures and fountains are social settings and not just precious artefacts divorced from everyday reality. The Guardian (UK), July 27, 2012


Art Exhibitions We Thought We’d Never See: A Show In Tehran About Human Rights Abuses And Catholic Iconography “In a surprise move, an exhibition focusing on human rights abuses is due to open at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art next month. The show, dedicated to the German sculptor and kinetic artist Günther Uecker, includes … the series ‘The Human Abused: 14 Pacified Implements’, … [which is] based on the Stations of the Cross.” The Art Newspaper, August 8, 2012


How Clothes Came To Be High Art “The costume collection, as it was known, was once consigned to the basement, geared unabashedly to the ladies, and relatively straightforward in its approach to designers and periods. Now, it has burst the constraints of its form and mutated into dramatic, surreal spectacles. Why is this and what does this mean?” The Smart Set, August 7, 2012

The Most Feared Art Critic of His Time? “His elitist aesthetics and patrician diction supported a populist ethos that celebrated excellence in carpentry and art-making alike, and hoped to play down the role of money in ruling everything, a shaky position to maintain at any time and maybe impossible to duplicate by anyone brave enough to emulate his example.” The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2012

How the Art World’s Lingo of Exclusivity Took Root, Branched Out, And Then Rotted From Within | Arti The title of curator was, until recently, art-world specific, and though the job was hard to define at times, it was the most powerful role for non-artist members of the art world. No longer — the bubble for this particular word has now burst.  Blouin Artinfo, August 8, 2012

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