Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library August 3-7, 2012


20 reasons to visit Vancouver National art galleries attempt to capture the cultural ethos of their country, but Vancouver Art Gallery feels particularly successful. Rotating exhibitions pick up on different aspects of art history across the provinces, spotlighting the rise of abstraction in the 1960s. Sydney Morning Herald, August 5, 2012


Mark Clintberg Reno Rapture Museum renovations and rebrandings have become de rigeur over the past decade. In his latest piece, artist/critic Mark Clintberg is using the Art Gallery of Alberta’s recent refresh as creative fodder. In this interview, he tells Leah Sandals why. Canadian Art, August 2, 2012


Tools for Conviviality Social Works Adopting the title of a 1973 text by Ivan Illich, the Power Plant’s summer group show expands social utopianism to include darker views of contemporary life. Now, Ashley McLellan reports on its evocations of both wonder and wariness. Canadian Art, August 2, 2012


The Last Things Before the Last Never Forget E.C. Woodley’s permanent-collection exhibition, which closes this weekend in Hamilton, invites consideration of death while infusing a museum with new life. Sarah Robayo Sheridan reviews, finding connections redrawn across ages and artifacts. Canadian Art, August 2, 2012

Claremont, California

Karl Benjamin, Rebel of Midcentury Art Scene, Dies at 86 Mr. Benjamin was a painter who came to art almost by accident and then rose to prominence in the 1950s as part of a West Coast artists’ rebellion against the reign of Abstract Expressionism. New York Times, August 4, 2012

New Haven

“Robert Adams: The Place We Live”, a retrospective selection of photographs …

Organized by Joshua Chuang, Assistant Curator of Photographs, and Jock Reynolds, the Henry J. Heinz II Director, both of the Yale University Art Gallery, the retrospective debuted in the fall of 2010 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Art Daily, August 5, 2012

New York

‘IDEA IS THE OBJECT’ In “Idea Is the Object,” 14 artists reflect on the thesis of the philosopher John Locke that knowledge is based entirely on experience of the world. New York Times, August 3, 2012

DAVID KORTY David Korty’s subject is the downtown Vancouver skyline, a City of Glass here rendered as a very un-atmospheric series of black-and-white grids. New York Times, August 3, 2012

Briarcliff Manor, New York

Art Critic Robert Hughes, 74 “With a Hemingwayesque build and the distinctively rounded vowels of his native Australia, Mr. Hughes became as familiar a presence on television as he was in print, over three decades for Time magazine, where he was chief art critic and often a traditionalist scourge during an era when art movements fractured into unrecognizability.” The New York Times, August 7, 2012

Washington, D.C.

‘Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape,’ at National Gallery “Joan Miró,” with 160 or so works from 1917 to 1974, is a beautiful and exciting show at the National Gallery of Art. New York Times, August 3, 2012


Millions In UK Take Part In Olympic Arts Events “Approximately 2.9 million took part in a mass bell-ringing session on the opening day of the games. A further 9.6 million visited free events like Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend and the Tate Modern’s oil tanks. Figures collated from venues showed another 2.5 million people had been to paid-for events.” BBC, August 7, 2012


The Olympic Games’ Studies Art and Athletics at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich An exhibition at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich examines the origins and cultural significance of the Olympic Games through a combination of art, sporting equipment, memorabilia and technology. New York Times, August 5, 2012


David Nash’s Artistry in Wood The wood sculptor David Nash’s rich productivity is unfolded in a fascinating exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, which is part retrospective, part work-in-progress. New York Times, August 4, 2012


In a Swedish Park, Art Co-Stars With Nature Wanas, a rural estate and arts foundation, celebrates 25 years of installations by artists including Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic and Roxy Paine. New York Times, August 5, 2012

Kassel, Germany

Gareth Moore Utility and Fragility One of the most-discussed works at this summer’s dOCUMENTA (13) is a live-in Karlsaue Park installation by Vancouver’s Gareth Moore. In this review, author Michael Turner beds down for a couple of nights to inhabit the effort’s ups and downs. Canadian Art, August 2, 2012


African Art Is Under Threat in Djenne-Djenno In Djenne-Djenno in sub-Saharan Africa, theft and fighting have left many archaeological sites open to looting and outright destruction. New York Times, August 5, 2012


When Judging Art’s Authenticity, the Law vs. the Market As art prices rise, so does the temptation to use the courts to settle disputes over artistic authenticity. But in the art world, judge and jury can be overturned by a higher authority: the market. New York Times, August 6, 2012

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