Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery May 29, 2012


Tom Thomson’s final weeks, relived via Twitter An anonymous art-and-history buff is reconstructing the Canadian master’s last moments in real time, via social media. Globe and Mail, May 29, 2012


Would Anyone Pay Attention To Stolen Art If Its Cash Value Wasn’t High? Mark Stryker ponders the question after last week’s art heist in Detroit. “The FBI didn’t release details of all 19 pieces, and it’s possible they’re keeping mum about more expensive works as a gumshoe tactic. But it’s also true that if they didn’t float a value of at least $1 million, it’s doubtful anyone would have paid attention.” Detroit Free Press, May 27, 2012


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Gets Major Gift of Photographs and Other The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has received a bonanza from one of its longtime trustees, including 6000 photographs by Charles Sheeler. New York Times, May 29, 2012


Gift to the Tate honours its director The philanthropists Mercedes and Ian Stoutzker donate works by David Hockney, Lucian Freud, R.B. Kitaj, Peter Doig and George Shaw. The Art Newspaper, May 29, 2012


Art And Earthquakes – A Terrible Mix Heading For Disaster In Italy “The terrifying thing is not just how much art was lost in this earthquake. No – the scary thing is that world culture got off lightly. The epicentre of the quake is close to so many irreplaceable treasures of such importance to humanity that it could have been almost infinitely worse.” The Guardian (UK) May 24, 2012


Ai Wei-Wei: Why I Continue To Speak Out “I tried to explain to them that I’m artist and expressing myself is my job, my duty. That communicating is very important for me.” It wasn’t an argument that impressed the security men. “They kept telling me that I’m part of a Western strategy to change China.” The Globe & Mail, May 28, 2012


The Killer App: Designing The First Fly Swatter – The first modern fly-destruction device was invented in 1900 by Robert R. Montgomery, an entrepreneur based in Decatur, Ill. The New York Times Magazine, May 27, 2012

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