Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library May 24, 2012


Enter Cao Fei’s dystopian virtual world in Simulus Three engaging works that make up the exhibition form a miniretrospective of the astounding online place Cao Fei created and hosted between 2008 and 2011. Georgia Straight, May 22, 2012

Mr. Peanut has been busy raising a familyThere’s more to Vincent Trasov than Mr. Peanut. Trasov achieved instant notoriety in 1974 when he ran for mayor. Although the campaign was funny, Mr. Peanut was more than just a joke. Trasov was an artist and his decision to run for mayor as a nut was performance art, one of the new types of art that emerged in the 1960s. Vancouver Sun, May 24, 2012

Vancouver launches arts and culture policy council The City of Vancouver launched a 15-member arts council today (May 23) that will act as an advisory committee on civic arts and culture programs. Georgia Straight, May 23, 2012


Kurelek’s hidden messages go public William Kurelek: The Messenger is the largest display of the artist’s work ever mounted and the first significant one in 30 years. This will be the third and final stop for the travelling exhibition, which drew a record attendance at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in October and the Art Gallery of Hamilton in January. Victoria Times Colonist, May 24, 2012


At Ottawa exhibition, you’ll see another van Gogh New show looks away from the artist’s madness and shows how photography influenced his work. Globe and Mail, May 24, 2012


Chicago’s art spaces hunkered down during Nato summit Barricades were erected around two of the city’s public works of art, while museums and art institutions increased security or closed altogether. The Art Newspaper, May 24, 2012


Art Thieves In Detroit Make Off With Warhol, Beuys, Larry Rivers “The FBI says that sometime between April 27-29, an Andy Warhol silk screen used to produce Flowers and 18 works by other artists were stolen from a business in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.” The collection “includes drawings, prints and paintings by artists such as Larry Rivers, Francesco Clemente, Philip Taaffe, Peter Schuyff and Joseph Beuys.” Detroit Free Press, May 23, 2012

New York

Museum of Modern Art’s Annual Garden Party — Scene City The Museum of Modern Art’s annual garden party on Tuesday night drew top donors and a parade of artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Chuck Close. New York Times, May 24, 2012

Did MoMA’s Famous ‘Family of Man’ Exhibit Squash Dissent – Or Promote It? “In totalitarian countries, they argued, mass media delivered propaganda messages directly from the mouths of dictators; as a result, they undermined their citizens’ abilities to reason and transformed them into automatons. When Steichen and his team designed ‘The Family of Man,’ they sought to build a media environment that would have the opposite effect.” Public Culture Winter 2012


‘So How Does It Feel To Have One’s Core Beliefs Turned Upside Down?’ – Ada Louise Huxtable On The New Barnes “The ‘new’ Barnes that contains the ‘old’ Barnes shouldn’t work, but it does. It should be inauthentic, but it’s not. … The architects have succeeded in retaining its identity and integrity without resorting to a slavishly literal reproduction. This is a beautiful building that does not compromise its contemporary convictions or upstage the treasure inside. And it isn’t alchemy. It’s architecture.” The Wall Street Journal, May 24, 2012


Frieze Masters exhibitor list released The roster includes an assortment of galleries specialising in Old Masters, Oceanic art, Indian miniatures and rug specialist, as well as a sizeable chunk of modern art dealers (Exhibitors like Hauser & Wirth will be bringing modern works such as Hans Arp’s “Ovi Bimba”, 1919 to Frieze Masters. The Art Newspaper, May 24, 2012


The Soaring Legacy of Luca Signorelli An exhibition in Umbria shows the work of a 15th-century master who inspired artists from Michelangelo to Raphael. New York Times, May 24, 2012


South Africa’s Jacob Zuma plays victim over ‘genitalia’ painting President’s supporters cry racism over political satirist’s portrait of leader showing image of genitalia. Globe and Mail, May 24, 2012


Questions With No Answers As China Continues To Imprison Art Shippers “The director of a China-based art shipping company that had two employees detained by Chinese customs officials at the end of March says he is concerned for their health and has not heard from them since police took them into custody. The pair are being held as part of a probe into alleged undervaluation of works of art imported into the mainland.” The Art Newspaper, May 23, 2012


The Market Cost Of Being A Female Artist “[The] proceeds on all the works by women artists in [this month’s enormous] Christie’s sale tallied up to a mere $17m – less than 5% of the total and not even half the price achieved that night by a single picture of two naked women by Yves Klein. Indeed, depictions of women often command the highest prices, whereas works by them do not.” Things are slowly getting better, however. The Economist, May 20, 2012 (includes slideshow)

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