Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library March 22, 2012


Top 8 Day Trips from Vancouver: Art Gallery Tour in Vancouver. “Vancouver, BC, is home to a thriving visual arts scene. The city’s stunning backdrop of beautiful oceans, mountains and multiculturalism have given rise to some of the most exciting artists in the world including Douglas Coupland and Ken Lum. For an inspiring getaway, take a tour of Vancouver’s gorgeous art galleries.” Top picks include the Vancouver Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Equinox … etc. Vancouver Observer, March 21, 2012

Artist annie ross builds vehicle for ideas. “We’re in a garage in New Westminster, pulling protective sheets off a little old car. A 1956 Nash Metropolitan, covered with salvaged and woven materials, this is no ordinary vintage vehicle. It’s a highly politicized work of art addressing a number of intersecting issues, from urban sprawl and habitat destruction to identifying what is garbage and what isn’t—and who owns it, anyway.” Georgia Straight, March 22, 2012

Mobile art gallery Art Cart hits city streets. “Vancouverites have been able to enjoy an array of street food thanks to an expanded food-cart program—and now they’re about to be able to take in art the same way. Friday (March 23) will mark the launch of the city’s first Art Cart, a mobile art gallery and vending cart created by Gallery Gachet and Oppenheimer Park, and funded by the City of Vancouver’s Great Beginnings program.” Georgia Straight, March 22, 2012


Painter peers into hidden digital world. “Paintings inspired by language and computer viruses are among the works by Bratsa Bonifacho in an exhibition at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam.” Vancouver Sun, March 22, 2012


Wolf/Sheep: A house of street art. When he envisioned a longterm future for his passion project, the Wolf/Sheep Arthouse, artist Erik Van Kobra had a clear idea of what that should entail. Times Colonist, March 22, 2012


Exhibit celebrates all things wintry. “Among [the] 17 million objects held within 29 diverse University of Alberta Museums collections, the art collection holds 9,000 paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and textiles, plenty to draw from for Jim Corrigan, art collection curator and part of the “Cool Stuff” curatorial team.” Edmonton Journal, March 22, 2012


Margaux Williamson is the Art Gallery of Ontario’s current artist-in-residence. “Margaux Williamson is the Art Gallery of Ontario’s current artist-in-residence, and it’s a position she’s taken literally, given the tangle of unmade bed sheets and sleeping bag splayed across the daybed in the studio she’s been given for the duration of her tenure.” Toronto Star, March 22, 2012

Behind the scenes of the Tagging Along street art walking tour. Sean Martindale and Pascal Paquette have been expertly guiding Torontonians on the Tagging Along street art walking tour in conjunction with their collaborative NOW series, now on at the AGO. Toronto Star, Marc 22, 2012


Federal Heritage minister hints at good budget news for the arts. Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore is hinting at some “good news” for the Canada Council for the Arts in next week’s federal budget – despite the budgetary belt-tightening that is expected to deal with an estimated $31-billion deficit. Globe & Mail, March 20, 2012


Calatrava’s $182 Million Bridge Favors Park Over Freeway. “Aesthetics went out of style when America’s voracious appetite for freeway lanes squeezed out every consideration but raw auto throughput. So the Hill Bridge is a rarity today. Less brawny than Santiago Calatrava’s most spectacular creations, its delicacy delights as it pops into view all over town.” Bloomberg, March 20, 2012

Washington, DC

Exploring the Hirshhorn’s ‘SONG 1’ exhibit “Doug Aitken’s latest piece cascades across the Hirshhorn’s entire 82-feet tall and 725-feet wide circumference, as the ‘first-ever work of 360-degree convex-screen cinema’ of this scale. To make it all happen, trees were trimmed, street lights got anti-glare, and the FAA was consulted to make sure the exhibit wouldn’t disrupt flight landings. But the work didn’t stop there…” Washington Post, March 22, 2012

New York

Uptown Palazzo Project. “For the last several weeks a group of more than 30 artists — some well known, like Mel Chin, Sylvia Plachy and Bronx veterans like John Ahearn and the collective Tim Rollins and K.O.S. — have been at work in the Andrew Freedman Home, turning old bedrooms and bathrooms into installations that mine the building’s eccentric history as a way of drawing in the life of the borough around it.” New York Times, March 19, 2012

United Kingdom

UK loosens visa restrictions for non-European Union artists. “Britain’s widely criticised points-based immigration visa rule to be relaxed, allowing foreign artists to stay for a month if officially invited.” The Art Newspaper, March 22, 2012


Fears grow that Greek art market is riddled with forgeries. “A major Greek collector has taken Sotheby’s to court in Athens over two alleged fake paintings attributed to the Greek artist Constantin Parthenis (1878-1967). The case has stoked fears that the Greek art market is riddled with fakes, which may have increased significantly in number during the boom.” The Art Newspaper, March 21, 2012


How arts criticism needs to change. “The age of the art critic as an unassailable voice of authority is long gone. Jonathan Jones recalls his rude awakening to the force of digital debate, and the era of readers biting back.” The Guardian, March 21, 2012

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