Visual Arts News from the Vancouver Art Gallery Library March 9-12, 2012



Thirty Years of ‘Old Growth’ Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas coined the term “Haida manga” for his cartoon-like drawings that mix Haida myth and storytelling with a potent political critique of colonial oppression of his people. The Tyee, March 9, 2012

Art deco chic features prominent dress designers between the wars Stunning women’s fashions go on show at Museum of Vancouver. Globe and Mail, March 10, 2012

Is Vancouver ready for Danish architect Bjarke Ingels? Here’s hoping When an international sensation – the Danish free-styling architect Bjarke Ingels – comes along and lands skyscraper commissions in Vancouver on an intense triangular site next to the Granville Bridge, and in Toronto next to the modern-tony Shops at Don Mills, it’s important to ask: Will he be allowed to soar in Canada? Globe and Mail, March 10, 2012

Playwright, librettist, and artistic catalyst Tom Cone receiving Mayor’s Arts A list of 180 names signed on to press the mayor to present Cone with the award—including Vancouver Art Gallery director Kathleen Bartels; arts philanthropist Michael Audain; Vancouver Symphony Orchestra artistic director Bramwell Tovey. Georgia Straight, March 8, 2012

Visual arts critics’ picks: First Nations take spring’s visual-art spotlight. Throughout the Lower Mainland, the visual-arts spotlight this season is shining on contemporary First Nations artists. They may be young, mid-career, or senior, drawing upon raw elements of 21st-century street culture or eons-old village and clan traditions—or mashing everything together in wholly unexpected ways. Georgia Straight, March 1, 2012


New exhibition focuses on women artists of a pioneering generation Of the ten-member “Calgary Group,” whose 53 oil paintings were featured in an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1948, four of the artists were women, including: Marion Nicoll, Janet Mitchell and Dorothy Willis. Art Daily, March 9, 2012


Gallery debate mired in past The proposed Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan and fate of the Mendel Art Gallery facility promise to provide plenty…71-million, state-of-the- art, larger gallery with an award winning design. Star Phoenix, March 9, 2012

Council rebuffs plebiscite Mayor Henry Dayday wants an October vote on the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan he should gather the signatures and force…eventually need these facilities. It’s already spent on the art gallery so you won’t have those in the future.” Star Phoenix, March 10, 2012


Standing Nude sells for $19,200 in ‘contemporary’ Canadian art auction Concrete Contemporary Auctions and Projects hosts ‘the first truly contemporary auction of Canadian art ever held for commercial purposes’ Globe and Mail, March 9, 2012

Los Angeles

340-Ton Artwork Arrives at Los Angeles County Museum of Art The journey of “Levitated Mass” followed a circuitous route through four counties and 22 cities, took 11 days and ended at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. New York Times, March 12, 2012

What Might Timothy Potts’ Arrival At The Getty Mean For The Museum? “The city’s existing institutions already have excellent base collections in areas outside the Getty’s current scope. What they don’t have is Getty-size acquisition funds. With Potts’ arrival, perhaps it’s time collegiality took a different, more productive turn.” Los Angeles Times, March 10, 2012

Glendale, California

Frank Lloyd Wright, Doghouse Architect “Frank Lloyd Wright designed hundreds of landmark buildings and homes during a prolific career that spanned more than 70 years. But in what is widely considered a first and only for the famed architect, Wright indulged a young boy’s humble request for a doghouse in 1956 and sent him designs.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, March 11, 2012


Texas Art Fraud, To The Tune Of $3 Million A Dallas couple pleads guilty to bilking another couple for millions with the premise that the fraudsters would “invest their money by making short-term loans to museums in Europe. These loans would be secured by pieces of artwork worth significantly more than the loan value.” Glasstire, March 9, 2012

New York

The Art Show at Park Avenue Armory The Art Show, now in its 24th year, is wearing its age well: this year’s increase in solo and two-person exhibits works beautifully. New York Times, March 9, 2012

The Independent, an ‘Exhibition Forum’ in Chelsea In its third edition, the Independent contemporary-art fair in Chelsea is less obstreperous and more salable. March 9, 2012


Artist Damien Hirst On Himself, Those Spot Paintings, And Much More On his first spot painting: “I stuck it outside behind a barn. Millicent [Wilner] from Gagosian came down to visit and she was freaking out: ‘Why have you put it there? In the rain! Jesus Christ, Damien!’ It was like gold because it was me, but, really, it’s shit.” The Observer (UK) March 10, 2012

Artist John Constable Loved “Going Skying,” But He Wasn’t Alone What, exactly, might the 10 best skies in art history be? The Observer tells us – and while some on the list will be no-brainers, others might surprise you. The Observer (UK) March 10, 2012

Is It A Problem That Celebrated Artist David Hockney Doesn’t Draw Blossoms Very Well? “All blossoms share a characteristic and a significance: they’re frail, and they have a transience that, in Potter’s words, reminds us of the ‘nowness of everything.’ In only one or two pictures does Hockney’s blossom suggest that. Mostly, the blossom looked solid enough to stick to its bushes for ever, writhing from branches like a crop of impaled yellow slugs. I never thought that blossom could look so evil.” The Guardian (UK) March 10, 2012


Researchers Claim To Have Found Leonardo Fresco “Tiny probes, sent through drilled holes in Giorgio Vasari’s The Battle of Marciano in the Palazzo Vecchio, found black pigment also used in the Mona Lisa, project workers claimed.” BBC, March 12, 2012

For your amusement…

Stuff museum workers say, showcased on YouTube It was probably only a matter of time before the nonprofit world jumped on the “Stuff [Blank] People Say” bandwagon. Here, employees of the Atlanta History Center and the Margaret Mitchell House offer a glimpse into the secret lives of museum workers. Apparently, a large portion of those lives take place in period costume. Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 2012

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